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Do You Have A "Guilty Pleasure" Food?

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NoseyNose | 12:28 Thu 25th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
38 Answers

Do you have a food you love,that probably should not be eating,but cannot resist it?

Come on now you can confess it here,and we will absolve you of all blame.

Mine is fried bread.I don't make it at home,but increasingly now quite a few cafes now seem to do it.

Just what is YOUR secret(or not) pleasure?

Father Confessor Gordon.




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half a fried cheese sandwich

Crisps for me.

Cream/jam doughnuts.

Question Author


So, you do have SOME willpower?

Only half a fried cheesen sandwich,what happens to the other half,do you keep it for later!

More confessions please.LOL

Throwing cubed stewing steak into a pan and lightly frying and adding a big dollop of mayonnaise to coat. Tip into a bowl and chew my way through when no-one is looking. Takes about 4 minutes and it's delicious.

I can't eat a whole one so only make it with 1 slice prepped and cooked 

Jam donuts, custard slices, crisps of any flavour, and sweet salty popcorn. Although I wouldn't class them as my guilty pleasure as I never feel guilty eating them, just sick afterwards 🤢😉

OMG Prudie, how did you discover that?? Actually since the Horlicks mention, I've bought a jar and have sneaked a few teaspoons of it straight out of the jar.

Not a secret pleasure but following on from a spoonful of Horlicks, anyone remember Horlicks tablets!

Fig rolls.  Refuse to buy them because I'd scoff the lot

Hot meat fat - pork crackling, lamb fat especially 


Question Author


Your confession has absolved you my daughter! LOL

Question Author


I had totally forgotten Fig Rolls,like you I cannot buy them, they would be eaten in one (short) sitting!

Barry with you on hot meat fat - also love chicken skin

Cal, Horlicks tablets are back on the shelves 

Pork crackling...or dry fried seasoned skin from cooked chicken thigh. 

Way too much very dark chocolate...chocolate covered coconut macaroons.

Dark chocolate bars, its now got to the stage that if its not at home then I can't eat it, so I do tend to walk past it more often in the supermarket apposed to keep on topping my supply up. I now wait until I've run out.


Pork Belly just for the crispy juicy fat

I have a drawer to store my various bars...I'd panic if I ran out.  That...and cheese.

Just looked on Amazon and found Horlicks tablets but also Horlicks for Dolce Gusto machines! Now debating with myself if I should order any

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Do You Have A "Guilty Pleasure" Food?

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