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puzzled54 | 12:08 Thu 25th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Thinking about getting one, anyone have one? 



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yes, i like mine

youll get people saying just use a pan and  whisk but i like you can turn it on and forget about it

I had one and gave it away as it didn't make the amount I like to make and it was noisy. I prefer my very big two handled pan and a whizzer.

Don't see the need.  I either batch make mine in the slow cooker, pressure cooker or saucepan and use a stick blender

Had one and found it very good but did not replace it after jar broke as grandkids got older and ate more and my saucepans held more. Good for single person though

I agree with barry @1149

I don't need a gadget cluttering up the kitchen. I make a lot of soup in the winter especially Mulligatawny, Oxtail and Pea and Ham.

A 15 litre cauldron and a stick blender does the job admirably.

I have one and like bednobs, I like the fact that I put everything in switch it on and leave it to do its job.

I had one and never worked out how to use it - gave it away in the end.

mine is usually enough for 6 portions or 4 greedy portions :)

i am super lazy, plus disabled so not having to stand by a pot suits me

I don't have to stand by my 6l slow cooker

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I do use my slow cooker and stick blender, but the thought of making it quickly does appeal

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Also, I would like it to taste more like the fresh soup that you can buy in cartons!

What does fresh soup from a carton taste like? 

To be fair I don't stand over my huge pot after I have sauted the onions.

A soup maker is grand if you are happy to chuck it all in without sauteing the onions to get the sweetness or acidity out.

soup in the cartons will taste like your soup maker soup

Well I have one and I like because I don't have to stand over it. We don't all have multiple forms of cooking and stick blenders so that fact that a soup maker does it all suits me fine

I don't stand over my pot either. It comes to the boil, I turn it right down and leave it for 20 mins while I do something else. Once it's done, a quick whizz for about a minute and I have soup. A stick blender is, I think, a lot cheaper than a soup maker and  has multiple uses.

But it's very much each to their own of course,  I never got on with my slow cooker and gave that away too, yet many people love them 🤷‍♀️

Tbh, I can't imagine not having a stick blender. 

I suspect soupmakers are a marmite gadget 😉

Yes pasta you are probably correct a bit like airfryers and slow cookers.

I have a slow cooker and I love it but I don't like the idea of an airfryer


imo airfryer is a misnomer - mine is a small fan oven!

That's precisely what it is.

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