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Vagus | 18:54 Wed 24th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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..tonight it's Gingsters pasties and cauliflower cheese, followed by a couple of chopped up, wrinkled, almost past their best, nectarines. If I had any chocolate I'd have that too 😏



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I'm using up bits for a general fry-up, defrosted sausage for me, defrosted meatballs for OH.  To these add 1 fried egg, 2 rashers of smoked streaky bacon, a couple of chestnut mushrooms and some chips each.  

On Thursday we're starting to eat up all the left-over meals, frozen when I made too much of whatever, with a view to defrosting the freezer in a week or 2.  😉

Chilli chicken pasta.

Still emptying the freezer so pasta bolognaise tonight.

If I had strawberries I'd have strawberries & cream if I had any cream.

Cauliflower cheese compliments most meals.

We've got a beef casserole in oven.

We had salmon with fresh veg and duchess potatoes

Chicken curry that has been in the freezer for months, with rice and peshwari naan  bread

We are having a Tesco ready meal of beef short rib.  What a con that is.  I think we might get two mouthfuls of beef each.  The idea is that I do less cooking whilst I am running about like a lunatic.  OK, I've done the spuds and the veg, but for the price (£8 blummin quid) I expected slightly more.  Now I shall have to produce a pud!

The remains of a roast chicken covered in harissa spice, salad, houmos and feta and spinach stuffed borek.

We used to call beef short rib brisket on the bone, it used to be a very cheap cut, then its name changed, it got trendy and expensive.

Same as chine, change of name and up the price.

What's chine, Barry?

Rib of beef, rib roast.  The king of roast beef, for me

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Ooh, if I had strawberries I'd have them too, and with the cream which I also don't have, Dave.

I don't empty the freezer when I defrost it, I just put the contents well packed together in a shopping bag or two or three, only takes an hour or so,then shove it all back in.

Ready meals are so hit and miss aren't they. We used to have quite a few m&s meal deals but got wise to maybe only one of the three bits being to our liking, especially the green stuff bowl.

Think we'll have salmon on Friday, maybe eggs somehow tomorrow.

Arent freezers great?

I've never heard that word.  Is it a local thing?

No, it was the proper name before it was gentrified in the 60s.  Now it applies to a beef rib that has been cut slightly away from the bone, a beef rib Chinese.

'Chine', by the dictionary definition, is the backbone of an animal.  It can also be a verb:

However in Lincolnshire it refers to collars of bacon:

Chined, not Chinese

Always try to empty out my freezer in January 

now need a way to use up loads and loads of broad beans.

might do the jubilee quiche again 

Vagus's post contains a word a don't like!

I once applied for a job with Ginster's and, after an initial interview, I was invitedto go out with the manager for a day's work trial.  I worked, unpaid, for a total of 13 hours (starting at 5am) and with no real breaks.  Then I never heard from the company again and all my attempts to communicate with them were totally ignored!

Thanks.  It's a new one to me.  

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