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If Anyone’s Interested..

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Vagus | 18:54 Wed 24th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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..tonight it's Gingsters pasties and cauliflower cheese, followed by a couple of chopped up, wrinkled, almost past their best, nectarines. If I had any chocolate I'd have that too 😏



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Tonight's tea was made by defrosting an 80g portion of minced beef (with 20% fat)and frying it until brown.  Then I added a third of can of baked beans, a teaspoon of gravy granules, a dash of chilli powder and sufficient boiling water to thin it out a bit.  After 15 minutes of simmering and stirring it, I simply served it in a bowl, accompanied by nothing more than a slice of bread.

It's one of my absolute favourite cheapo meals!

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Awww Chris, that's awful 😕

We find Gingsters a reasonable substitute for a real pasty. Some local bakers do pasties but they're mainly pastry and not much filling, at least we know what Gingsters will give us.

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You ought to write a cookery book, Chris, I'm sure it'd be a best seller in a niche market 😉

I find that many pasties are very bland, Vagus.  I quite like Morrison's own brand ones though, which seem to have more flavour than many others, despite being cheap.  (They also freeze well):

I'm thinking about dragging out the old sandwich toastie. Use up the rest of the ham I openend yesterday, I've plenty of cheese.

I have Snickers bars and Picnic's in a tub if I so choose.

If you've got an air fryer, this works really well!

(I don't bother with buttering the outside of the bread; I simply spray it with rapeseed oil)

Chine has been around as long as Hine cognac.....

here a ribeye, saignant, with a mush strog sauce, green beans and fries. Un Petite Grande Nuit, un Merlot, des Pays d'Oc to accompany it.


No I don't have one chris, I'm very old school apart from tech stuff.

I bought one of these just before Christmas, Arky, and I'm quite  enjoying experimenting with it:

Clearing out the fridge just now I came across a very old bag of sprouts I'd forgotten about - all black and slimey on the outside, but most of them fine after the outer leaves removed (one or two black inside so discarded) and I will steam them with a jacket potato - dress with mayonnaise - should be delicious. Yum yum.

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Arky, I just love, love, love a toastie. My favourite is cheese and onion, OHs is chees, ham, and chutney..AND snickers and picnics, you big tease 😋

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Canary, I can't get enough sprouts, any which way they come. I have a recipe for sprout gratin somewhere but it's probably too much of a faff. And how about sprout coleslaw??

Well they're now toasting, keeping it simple cheese and Ham, reading this thread made me realise I'm hungrier than I thought.

That does look a good one Chris, my brother has one that I used a lot whilst houseitting last autumn.

I loved my George foreman grill, alas it went to kitchen appliance heaven. Overused I think 😏 I keep meaning to buy a new one.

Sprout gratin sound interesting.  

Sprouts are very much maligned thanks to the old-fashioned way of boiling them into total submission - ugh!

I'm having the chicken kheema I never had last night...discovered I'd had the slow cooker on low. Dohhh

Need to add a few peas and some coconut cream to it.

Also having spiced cauli rice. Raspberries and cream and a square or 2 of 90% to follow

I agree about Rib of Beef Barry.   Nothing compares.  Nice and pink in the middle.  Yum.

Chilli con  carne with rice for me and chips for Mr N followed by delicious Churros and then indigestion!!

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