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We’ve Just Had….

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Vagus | 20:09 Sat 02nd Dec 2023 | Food & Drink
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Frozen leftover curry, defrosted and heated, obviously, sweet potato bajees, veg samosas, rice, and peshwari naan.
Soon to be followed by a new one on us..Costco bread and butter pud. Don't usually have a pud but saw this, two wrapped together, in Costco on a trip there on Thursday, and keen to try it. With some plant based Elmlea, also a new one on us.

Anyone having anything interesting tonight? Or boring same old same old?? Or out for a fancy meal somewhere???



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Just had a Thai style chicken curry courtesy of Sainsbury's followed by raspberries and ice-cream - lazy day! Must make b nd b pudding sometime - love it.x

I've got a spicey beef stew in the slow cooker...all in one with purple carrots and shallots. Followed by berries(frozen)and almost like ice cream.

I haven't decided yet but it will probably be something from supermarket delivery expected later this evening (8pm-9pm).

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We sometimes get a sainsbury Thai takeaway bag, Haz, never disappoints.

Sounds good pasta, I do like all in one stew type food especially at this time of year, very comforting.

Too late for us to be eating Canary, hope you enjoy whatever comes along.

I got a tub of Waitrose Spice Flavoured Ice Cream this morning. No idea what it will taste like but it says something about ginger on the tub.

Oh Boy you lucky people.I start my bland boring non fibre diet today in preperation for my third and, hopefully,final colonoscopy on Tuesday. They still haven't sent me the Picolax to savour and feast on Monday. Life is Hell.🤒

So small shredded wheat cereal.

We had a couple of M&S curries. OH had Beef Madras and I had Chicken Masala. Very nice. 

Retro cop ginger wine helps the picolax go down. Picolax is "better cold" too

Question Author

Ooh retro, that's horrid! You have my utmost sympathy.

I'm sure you have your own best way of taking the bowel clearing stuff, I find it easier at room temperature and just chug it down. I have to have five days of low residue diet next time, and senakot every day too, as it didn't do its stuff enough to spray the dye around my bowel to show up any problems.

I bet you enjoy your dinner on Tuesday evening though, what will you have to look forward to?

Well, I tried a new recipe - dreamed up by myself with a spark from an Italian cookbook.  Spaghetti con porc et funghi! (Is my Italian OK all you  Italian speakers.  Basically spaghetti in  a creamy mushroom sauce with sauteed sliced chestnut mushrooms and strips of  fried pork fillet.  It was really good and OH says 'Any time!' (Preen :) )

It came about because Morrison's was having  a special offer on pork fillet on Thursday - so I bought one, £3.88.  I have c. 350 grams left.  I used c. 200 grams so pretty reasonableas to cost.Left-over is in the freezer for another time.

For vegies, it could just as well be done without the meat.

Oooh! Just  read back.... hyou havemy thoughtsand sympathies Retrocop; it must be  horrible.  :(

Had thick stew stew with dumplings!! Very warming & filling.

Tonight, prawn stir fry, fresh peppers,garlic, radishes, mushrooms, sweet and sour sauce. Mince pie & cream.

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