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Own Brand Baked Beans Recommendation, Please

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barry1010 | 06:39 Thu 30th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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My wife has decided to try an alternative to Heinz as she thinks the price is now silly.  She buys either the small 200g tins or the snackpots, depending on which is cheaper.

Are Tesco beans any good?  



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All beans are good for your heart

The more you eat the more you ....

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Asda own brand beans are pretty good though I prefer Branston.  Price of them has also shot up!  Haven't tried Tesco ones. 

Depends, I guess, how cheap someone wants your farts to be.

Cabbage and onion works for me.

Along with many edible foods.

We tried Sainsbury's and found we liked them just as much as Heinz. They tasted very similar to us and now they're our regular brand.

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Thanks for the recommendations.  We don't made paying but very much dislike being ripped off.  

Lidl own brand Newgate are very good 

Aldi are good.

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They are all good so far.  Any to be avoided?

The problem is that we all have different tastes, so it isn't really possible to recommend one. Following a test in a newspaper, where some brands were bland, others more spicy etc, they concluded that Sainsbury's were similar to Heinz. On those grounds we tried one tin and like them.

Make your own! Far more delicious. 10 mins to prep and 15 to cook.

I prefer Branston but also, at Tesco, try the Stockwells' Beans and Sausage. Much cheaper and better than Heinz, in my opinion.

Avoid small tins, pricewise they are far too expensive compared to the 'normal' sized tins. Buy them instead and use over two days.


I can not recall what we get so I'm interested in the answers here, but can not advise at present. However, Heinz can't even spell "beans" correctly so no wonder they don't have the intellect to have retained the taste of their beans. It's not the price that puts me off that brand, it's that they wrecked their flavour ages ago.

My hubby will only eat Tesco own brand beans has done for awhile now when I stopped paying Heinz prices. He now thinks better than heinz. We have tried others but Tesco always comes up tops. 

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DTC, we would make our own but we don't eat enough of them.  My wife has one small tin every week or two when she's in an unplanned rush, so it's just convenient to have them them in the cupboard ready to go.  Nobody else eats them

Sainsburys are very good and also Aldi, more beans and less juice than Heinz. Haven't eaten Heinz beans or ketchup for several years.

Aldi are top notch!

Barry, can I suggest you look at Tesco website before you go shopping where you can see the price of all the baked beans that they sell? It's easier to see the special offers this way as well.

At the moment, you can get 6 tins of Heinz baked beans for £4.75 which works out at  .79p a tin.

You can also compare to other beans like Branston, Tesco and Stockwell which are ridiculously cheap.;icid=tescohp_sws-1_m-ft_in-Baked%20beans_out-Baked%20beans&sortBy=price-ascending

Barry, I've just seen your 9.10 post and realise buying in bulk isn't an option.

Ask the missus to give the Stockwell a go, they are only .28p for a large tin, so even if she doesn't like them, it won't break the bank to throw them away.

I recently bought their rice pudding which is 25p a tin (don't know how they do it) and it wasn't too bad at all. Thinner than Ambrosia but after opening the tin, I poured some of the milk off and the rest was fine.

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Own Brand Baked Beans Recommendation, Please

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