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Turkey Dinner?

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emily1890 | 22:57 Sat 25th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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Are you eating a turkey on Christmas day


If not, what are you eating?


I'll be eating a turkey crown with some Yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets and roast potatoes



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Oh, lucky you for knowing!  I'm in limbo, as ever.  OH dislikes chicken and eats turkey and duck on suffrance only - I love duck.

I'm forever searching for a  substitute.  He'd eat nut roast - I dislike it etc..  Last few years I've done beef stroganoff (fillet steak etc.); salmon en croute; roast pork with all trimmings.  Oh, I forgot to say that he dislikes roast lamb because of the fat.

It might be roast pork again.  Perthaps I could consider a ham joint - but they are often salty no matter how long you soak them & I keep salt very low (if any) because of his heart problems.

May be bangers & mash!  Seriously - all suggestions welcome.

I usually take the easy way out and fill one of these
with one of these (or something similar) ,
possibly with some sprouts and/or roast potatoes and/or parsnips.

However I have been known to buy some 'carved from the bone' cooked turkey from Morrisons and, after warming it through in the oven, use it as the basis for a traditional Christmas turkey lunch (once again using a giant Yorkshire pud, plus veg and gravy to go with it).

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Duck is amazing!. I admit, the first time someone suggested it I was a little freaked out by the idea of eating a duck (no idea why, it's the same as eating anything else), but it's so good!

Turkey and all the traditional trimmings for us.

I'm going to stay at cousin's house for Xmas so I'll be happy to eat anything - usually they have turkey and roast pork - for me it would be the latter.

Enjoy your Christmas, Emily.x

Beans on toast possibly

Unfortunately, in previous years when I've eaten turkey, I've been unwell, so I'm afraid I don't eat it anymore.

There is usually beef to choose from and I will take a cooked gammon joint as well.

Usual trimmings which I love.

I'll be eating turkey but I prefer duck if I'm honest.  I will be away and I won't be cooking it so I can't complain.

Haven't decided yet - I have made all the stuffings, bread sauce etc but we will use them over the next few months

We will probably have a cockerel.  And if not a joint of pork.

There will only be three of us, so it will be probably be a nice bit of beef. No one really likes turkey, anyway.

Must get on and order it soon. 

This will be my 3rd Christmas with my daughter and her partner. The past 2 years we've had seafood...lobster thermidor and scallops au gratin. I'm in heaven. None of us care for turkey. On boxing day last year, my daughter's partner made beef Wellington for the first was gorgeous. No idea what's on the menu this year...but it will be excellent. 

Pasta, Beef Wellington is something I've always fancied trying but haven't had it up to now.

Let me know if you are having it this Boxing Day and I'll pop round for lunch.😄

Pasta, I'm so pleased you will be with your family. Will you go to them ?

What is the best VEGAN christmas meal ?

I will be spending christmas day with vegans, they will probably ask

me what I would like....

 Evening everyone. Mr Smow and I will be going to his parents for the full Turkey works..... it's their last Xmas in their house before they sell it in the Spring and so they want to have a good old traditional Christmas dinner. I'm not complaining - apart from liking turkey anyway it also means I don't have to cook it!

When I'm accompanying my veggie friend in veggie/vegan restaurants, I tend to go for mushroom dishes.  Mushroom Wellington would make a good Christmas dish, I think:

(I note that it's currently on the menu of the the veggie pub up the road from me: )

Canary, why maybe beans on toast? x

3 Bird roast. Stuffing, mash, roast potatoes, sprouts.

I'm buying a leg of lamb which i'll debone and butterfly then i'll rub the inside with a marinade of olive oil, mint,rosemary some capers and anchovies and salt and pepper and a few chilli flakes, then I'll roll it back up and tie it and slow roast, I'm also doing Merguez pigs in blankets, sprouts cooked in butter and lardons, honey roast baby carrots and parsnips and 2 ton of roast potatoes, and some pork.

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