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Turkey Dinner?

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emily1890 | 22:57 Sat 25th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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Are you eating a turkey on Christmas day


If not, what are you eating?


I'll be eating a turkey crown with some Yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets and roast potatoes



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We're going out for lunch and I'm having salmon en route, my daughter had it last year and said it was lovely. My son shouldn't eat much red meat so we do chicken and turkey to death during the year, never mind for two weeks after Christmas. 

Webbo, that lamb sounds gorgeous, but I'd skip the mint in the marinade. I've done a similar one for rolled breast of lamb.

Anne...they come down from London and chauffeur me back 😊. No way could I cope with the train 😲

Barsel...we'll lay an extra place at the table 😊

>>> "I'm having salmon en route

. . . Yes, but what are you having when you get there?



I just had a giggle at that too...perfect!

We'll be at family's this year and are apparently having Beef Wellington a la Gordon Ramsey which they've done for the last two years, first for us though.
Looking forward to it, and even more looking forward to not cooking!!

I use that recipe, Vagus.  Lovely!!!!

That's good to know, Barmaid, as they've made it a couple of times and raved about it I was looking forward to it anyway but to have your 👍 too is great!

Turkey crown, supplemented by a glazed ham (orange, mustard and maple syrup).

All trimmings obligatory.

Jourdain have you tried unsmoked gammon. I always buy unsmoked bacon/gammon and never find it salty

I think Gordon Ramsey's recipe is what my daughter's partner made last year. Gorgeous! The beef cost a fortune 🙄...but quality is important. 

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Turkey Dinner?

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