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Fizzy Water/Mineral Water

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sandyRoe | 15:10 Tue 28th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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I've developed a taste for Pellegrino but at £1.25 per half litre it seems expensive.

Is there a device like a sodastream that could produce it at less cost?



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I use a Sodastream to make sparkling water. After the initial outlay you just have to buy the gas bottles. 

Sodastream won't give you the flavour and the bubbles will be too coarse to be authentic. But you will get water with fizz in it. If you could taste fizzy water from somebody who has a sodastream you might find it acceptable, but I wouldn't buy one before trying it out.  There should be much cheaper alternative fizzy waters.

Fizzy water is only water with added CO2 so if you have a taste for designer water but the still version and add fizz in Sodastream but it will not save you anything. Other than that buy Aldi's sparkling spring water.

Aldi, 6 x 500ml sparkling water for about a quid.

Can't stand it myself but the wife loves it and moans if I buy elsewhere.

I'd try all the fizzy waters available and decide which one you like best, at a much more reasonable price than Pellegrino.

If you like the Aldi one buy that, if not there are plenty of supermarkets which sell own brand ones at a very reasonable price.

What I like about the fizzwat available in France is that they mostly have lovely strong flavours of minerals and alkalis etc. Tap water with bubbles is a bit pointless, but real mineral water at least offers a range of flavours. I think that pellegrino is anodyne, as are many of the big names, but I do prefer a bit of flavour. If I were you I'd try the cheapest UK ones you can find, and then work your way up the price range only if you need to.

... much as Vagus has advised.

I use a Sodastream, for fizzy water, you can add their own syrups as flavouring if you want. Occasionally when I'm on the wagon for a few days I add their ginger which makes a nice ginger beer to which I add a few drops of angostura bitters and ice for an added bite.

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Fizzy Water/Mineral Water

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