Sausage Casserole

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roadman | 14:37 Mon 27th Sep 2021 | Food & Drink
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What can i add to a sausage casserole?

i used packet seasoning but it turned out very nice i read the instructions did it all proper but i did swap out mushrooms for red pepper and i then added a load of chopped celery it was very nice what else could I add do you think for flavour but also to help bulk it out so it is less like a ratatouille maybe some potato but would they get soft and mush mash themselves i have only made it once i want to again


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does anyone ever add rice i wonder hmm?
My mother used to do sausage casserole with a tin of baked beans, so I am sure you could add borlotti or butter beans
more sausages?
What about a couple of spoons of pesto
I add it to everything- it’s really nice with minestrone soup
Also try chopping up some pickled onions for extra flavour

Saying that I’m a very poor cook
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i more want to add vegetables that could be healthy like a carrot or something that will bulk it out like potato or rice
How about sweet potato, butternut squash and maybe parsnips
A dollop of reggae sauce spices it up. If you want to put potatoes in use par boiled new potatoes they s
^ remain whole
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so far i have sausage onions bellpeppers celery garlic carrot leeks and i will do it wish some mashed potato margo makes me worried the potato might not cook with it all that would be awful so maybe potato on the side mashed or even better i could do root veg mash so all the root veges mashed with it sounds good i think big of pepper on the mash
For added flavour I add some fresh garlic and ground black pepper, as for bulk I've never tried adding rice but you can't beat the humble spud, you could always add them later.
I can't recall ever following a recipe from the BBC Good Food website to the letter but I've always found them a good source of inspiration for my own concoctions.

Here's the Hairy Bikers' sausage casserole:

Here's their sausage and ale version:

Gino D'Acampo provides this one:

and here's one from Hala El-Shafie:

My own incredibly simple version is simply to put half a can of baked beans into a casserole dish, throw in some thick gravy to give a meaty flavour, add a good measure of chili powder and put the sausages in. When served with well-buttered jacket potatoes, it's gorgeous!

Alternatively I might start with gravy made with red wine and throw in some vegetable from the packs of mixed casserole vegetable that most supermarkets sell, possibly adding some herbs as well.
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i did see a lot of recipe on like but they all have the bean or lentil in them and im not a big fan really but in that link there is a green bean in the healthy one that looks nice i do enjoy them i could quarter them so they arent as long
Baked beans in a sausage casserole! what is wrong with you people ;-)
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they were not baked lol they were like kidney things or you know the kind the ones you bite into it and the texture just seeps out hard to hold flavour also unless you pierce the skin
You could try green beans.
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I am going to give them a go i will quarter them so they arent so long as well
You could thicken it with a little cor flour or gravy granules.
I used to make a simple sausage casserole for my children years ago. Just added onion, tin tomatoes & baked beans, served with bread & butter, usually. They loved it!
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i did one the other day just sausage onion and red pepper and celery with some buttered bread it was delicious i want to venture into new worlds of casserole
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peoples if you dont put celery in yours then i suggest it so nice hmmm holds flavour delicious

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