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What is your favourite retro sweet?

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AB Editor | 09:47 Thu 12th Aug 2021 | Food & Drink
77 Answers

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  • I don't like retro sweets / I don't have a favourite - 45 votes
  • 25%
  • Other (please tell us!) - 35 votes
  • 20%
  • Blackjacks - 17 votes
  • 10%
  • Flying saucers - 14 votes
  • 8%
  • Fruit salad - 13 votes
  • 7%
  • Pink shrimp - 13 votes
  • 7%
  • Rhubarb and custard - 11 votes
  • 6%
  • Cola bottles - 10 votes
  • 6%
  • Pineapple cubes - 6 votes
  • 3%
  • Jazzies / white or brown gems - 5 votes
  • 3%
  • Sherbert pips - 5 votes
  • 3%
  • Milk teeth - 5 votes
  • 3%

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Riley's chocolate toffee rolls.
Sarsaparilla tablets - yum yum :-)
cinder toffee
cough candy
Barley sugars, lemon sherbet and Mars bar. Because of their high sugar levels they are "banned" for me.
Sherbert dips
I love sniffing out humbugs.
blackjacks, used to get 4 for 1p when I was a saucepan and they had a picture of a golliwog on them.
Floral gums
Old fashioned mint humbugs (small brown ones that came in a tin)
White mice. I know it wasn’t real chocolate, but hey!
They seem disgusting to me shrimps and other equally rubbery sweets
Chewing nuts (small balls of toffee covered in cholate)
You got 4 Blackjacks for 1d. 1p would have got you 9 or 10.
A caramel flavoured candy stick with chocolate up the middle
Coconut tobacco, like stringy coconut covered in sugar, came in a red packet.
Cola cubes and those cigarette sweets, can't remember what they were called. Not sure if they were the sweets that had the tattoo transfers but I loved those too.
Palma violets, fizzy fish and cola bottles were top of my list.

I was rather partial to a pink shrimp too.

But I'd give any of those up for a bag of Pickled Onion Space Raiders.
Sharps toffees. Was at school with the daughter of Mr. Sharp. Lot of freebies
Bon bons and army & navy sweets
Chocolate limes

1 to 20 of 77rss feed

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