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What is your favourite retro sweet?

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AB Editor | 09:47 Thu 12th Aug 2021 | Food & Drink
77 Answers

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  • I don't like retro sweets / I don't have a favourite - 45 votes
  • 25%
  • Other (please tell us!) - 35 votes
  • 20%
  • Blackjacks - 17 votes
  • 10%
  • Flying saucers - 14 votes
  • 8%
  • Fruit salad - 13 votes
  • 7%
  • Pink shrimp - 13 votes
  • 7%
  • Rhubarb and custard - 11 votes
  • 6%
  • Cola bottles - 10 votes
  • 6%
  • Pineapple cubes - 6 votes
  • 3%
  • Jazzies / white or brown gems - 5 votes
  • 3%
  • Sherbert pips - 5 votes
  • 3%
  • Milk teeth - 5 votes
  • 3%

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Bonbons and aniseed balls.
Coconut mushrooms.
I liked pretty much everything except liquorice.
I went for pineapple cubes, but my favourite are lemon sherbets. Don't think they're particularly retro tho.
Orange Jubbly - not strictly a sweet but I used to love 'em.
Ovaltine Tablets, each individually wrapped, in a tin.
Jamboree bags
Liquorice bootlaces
Toffee bonbons or Everton mints.
And white chocolate mice. I had a bit of a craving for penny sweets last time I was pregnant.
I couldn't think of any until I saw these replies and yes to white mice and Parma violets.
They still put Parma Violets into sweets bags and my Grandchildren always save them for me.
When my friend and I were at school we would call in the shop for sports mixtures on the way home.
Parma violets
Aniseed balls. I buy 1 quarter every Christmas from an 'original sweet shop' in York when I meet female family members for a meal and shopping. I also buy 1 quarter of them to send to my friend in Bangkok - who is almost addicted to them and can't get them there.
Original rhubarb rock.Only available in Scotland,i think.Heaven in a stick of rock.(Circa 1965)
retro sweets refers to deserts from the 70s? as i still like rhubarb and custard, esp crumble.
ynaff .... I remember rhubarb rock. Mum bought it for us in Glasgow when we visited Grandma. This was mid-late 50s and v. early '60s..
looking at the list it looks like youre referring to those sweets sold in jars in small shops. its thats the case, its got to be Black jacks.
Those hollow licorice tubes with kayli down the middle of them ( can't remember what we used to call them ) and everything else on the list.
I can still taste it yet,Jourdain.Probably stuffed full of sugar.A modern day version wouldnt be worth eating.

21 to 40 of 77rss feed

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