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ummmm | 00:12 Thu 15th Oct 2020 | Food & Drink
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Anyone use them on Amazon?

Apparently a really quick delivery if you have prime.


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I used to use Amazon pantry which was morrisons stuff not fresh things though. I thought they'd stopped pantry or is this something else?
interesting - it's not available in my area. I wonder if they do it from the stores or from the warehouses?
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I've just had my shopping delivered but I might make a small order to see how good they are.
Not available in my area, which is strange as there is a Morrisons a couple of miles away.
I've never shopped at Morrisons since having a stand-up row with the bakery manager. I accused him of changing dates on some in-store bakery items (which had clearly been done) and he told me to shop elsewhere!
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Cheeky so & so.

My nephew used to work in a butchers and they did the same.

The range on Amazon seems seems pretty good. I'm interested to see the size of their swedes. Tesco are selling them for 80p but they are just big enough to feed 2 people. Morrisons are 50p. We will see.

I have people coming for dinner on Sunday so bought some unicorn Angel delight :-)
Swede stores really well so don't be frightened to order 2 or 3. We use swedes a lot
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Yeah....I'm just curious about the size.

That was quite painless. I have a delivery coming tomorrow. Free if you spend over £40.

I've ordered clams. Tesco never have them! Clam chowder this week then :-)
I was in a Morrison's the other day, and their staff were picking into boxes marked Amazon Prime.

Why would you buy through Amazon, not directly with a supermarket chain?
You are just adding to the profits of this tax avoiding giant, and unnecessarily sending your money out of the country.
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Because, Hopkirk, they are usually quick and reliable.

I had a Tesco delivery yesterday and now I have to wait 3 weeks before I can get another one. I don't know what I want to eat in 3 weeks time.

I do meal plans and buy food to accommodate that but not 3 weeks in advance.

Amazons tax issues are between them and the Government. The Government need to close the loop holes.

But thinking about it, Amazon do pay tax, albeit not the amount they should, prices would go up if they did = less sales...yada yada...swings and roundabouts.
This may be obvious, but chris's link says it's not available in everyone's area, but you have to sign in to see.
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Pix - I am permanently logged in to Amazon :-)

When we got burgled we phoned the bank before we phoned the police. CANCEL THE CARDS :-)
So are we :-)
It's not available here either ...Morrison's is about 2 miles away. Maybe it's in the testing did you find out about it, ummmm?
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From Amazon. They've been doing it for a while but I haven't bothered checking it out. Only because I didn't want to be part of the early stages. Popped up again the other day so thought I'd have a nose.

I assume the more people who take it up the more places they'll deliver to.
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When I placed my order they offered me a same day slot.
Not available at my location :o(
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I assumed it would be Nation wide.

Isn't Morrisons a Northern store?
Maybe it used to be. They reached us here in the West Country years ago.

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