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ummmm | 00:12 Thu 15th Oct 2020 | Food & Drink
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Anyone use them on Amazon?

Apparently a really quick delivery if you have prime.


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Yes, been in Northants for years. They took over the Safeway stores.

I quite like Morrisons. It appears to be far cheaper than Tesco....worth a shot.
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My shopping came. Only one thing unavailable. Came neatly packed in thick brown paper bags.

It was only a small shop but they didn't separate fresh/frozen/cupboard...which I prefer for a small shop.
Carbon footprint is soooo yesterday.
Ummm, I have Tesco slots booked once a week for the next three weeks. You can have multiple bookings and of course you can cancel or amend up until the day before delivery.
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Yes Barry, I do that. I also get shopping delivered to my sons uni address. We both had a delivery on Wednesday.

This was handy as I ordered it yesterday. I ordered some ice so it must come from our local store as it wasn't melting.

The swede I ordered is bigger (I already have a Tesco one in the fridge) and 30p cheaper. The stewing steak looks good as well.

It was just a basic shop. I'll def use them again.
I'm confused, ummm. Earlier you said you have to wait three weeks for your next Tesco delivery.
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This order was from Morrisons via Amazon.
we used it when they first started doing it because that was the only way we could get on line shopping at the time as we had never done it before the supermarkets were not taking new customers , Morrisons from Amazon took the order at 10am and it came 2 hours later
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That's really quick. Impressive.

I'm also impressed with the food.

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