Chesse And Broclloli. "Do Not Reheat"

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MynameisLuca | 21:23 Wed 14th Oct 2020 | Food & Drink
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Had a packet of cheese and broclloli but I didn't finish it, I want to use it Friday but reading the instructions it looks like I shouldn't.. It's saying "Do not reheat"
Will it be OK to eat in a couple of days?


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Sorry, I did cook and ate half..
Was it a cheese and broccoli pasta packet?
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Yes, it was from Lidl.
From past experience the sauce becomes conjealed so you would probably need to add more milk if reheating.

Personally I wouldn't reheat.
If you made it with milk and butter I wouldn't keep it.
You could try freezing it but unless you are absolutely skint and can't afford the £1.50(ish) that they cost it's not worth the risk and bother.
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Oh yeah, I get that and I have reheated in the past, never have a problem. But I just read the instructions today saying not to. I'm going to go ahead and eat it Friday. I hate waste.
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It was only, 60p, Shoota.
Yup, I realised after I posted that I was thinking of the price of something else.
30p is hardly waste.
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Ahh but there's a heap of it left over, ummm. It's too much for me to eat in one go.
I would. But personal choice.
Remember that there are starving folk in Africa that would be glad to have it.
// It's too much for me to eat in one go.//
Why not divide into two when you purchase it and freeze half.
With the amount of chemical crap they put in those sorts of products it would probably keep until 2021 -joke- . Seriously I would throw it out. You ate what you wanted to, if you had eaten the lot it would be winding its way around your body at the moment , its not waste its just food that has not been turned into waste. ;-)

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Chesse And Broclloli. "Do Not Reheat"

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