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teacake44 | 10:35 Fri 07th Jun 2019 | Food & Drink
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Is there anything left on the table that we can eat without the fear of bowel cancer, and such like.
Going on what the experts say on last night tv, red meat, or any kind of processed foods, are off the menu. Fruit and veg, along with a few other none meat items seem to be the order of the day.

How long will it be before we are told that the practices of growing fruit and veg to a uniform shape and size, and for higher yields, not to mention the processes of achieving a longer shelf life, is also bad for our health in some way.

So taking into account that most of our fruit and veg comes in from over seas, ( more so in winter) What do we really know about the way, and what as been used to grow these products.
Do these experts really know what is and what's not safe to eat. Your thoughts would be good.


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Everything in moderation. Apart from that, gone past caring to be honest!
I can eat anything I like without fear of bowel cancer and such like. The "experts" change their minds so often about something being bad for you and the next day being the best thing since sliced bread, so I ignore the lot of them. Anything in moderation and you can't go far wrong.
I'm with the first two answers. The stress from worrying about what you are eating is more likely to cause health problems than the food itself.
The trouble with these reports is that you often don't know how the research was conducted, how many were involved and over how long a time frame...or even if it was conducted on humans.
If it's the current study based on 3 different diets comparing cholesterol levels on beef, chicken, and plant based diets, I'd say just a month on each isn't very long. I seem to recall reading that many who do a keto diet ( very low carb, high fat ), often see a jump in bad cholesterol which then drops after several months.
Surely this is just advising you, it is up to the individual if you follow it or not!
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Yes Rockrose it is advising, but at the same time if someone is telling you that what your eating, could be killing you, one is going to take some notice. I have also got to the point, like some of the above, of eating what I want. thanks for your view, and all the above ones.
Well, thank god we are getting a US trade deal! We can have chemically washed meats, a number of chemicals banned by the EU in our foods and even lower factory worker safety standards!

Ohh praise the land of the free! Praise america!
i know a good many octogenarians that have been eating red meat for longer than they can remember, makes you wonder doesn't it?

ael, me included.
We eat lots of organic fruits, veg and meat (including red meat), and lots of fish as well, but tend to steer clear of processed things in general, factory farmed and chemically treated things. When we eat out or order take out we're less discerning and we don't worry about it. Just be as healthy as you can without worrying yourself to death or depriving yourself of any joy from food.
Another study to bring on irritable bowel cancer syndrome.
i had this thought about weetabix and insecticide, however i stopped caring..
There's a restaurant in Vienna which does a large breakfast menu, the cheapest item is Prisoner's Breakfast - a round of bread, a glass of water and a cigarette.
I supposed you could try it without the cigarette!
Khandro, lol

The only people who worry about what they eat are probably all eating the right things anyway. It's the obese who don't give a monkeys and it's a waste of time preaching at them.
lots slim people eat loads of junk.
I’m a slim person and I eat rubbish - I don’t worry about it, you could get knocked over by a bus tomorrow or your head could go bang.
My Grandmother is slender as anything and eats like a lorry driver.
Sherrardk - I thought you had a large family to feed so why do you eat junk and what do you mean by junk?
I don’t eat with everyone else, I make them eat properly.

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