How Much Wine?!

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Barmaid | 19:57 Fri 12th Apr 2019 | Food & Drink
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Having a wee shin dig in June (you may already be aware!!!)

60 for afternoon tea. (There are evening guests, but I havent decided what I am doing about that yet).

We need fizz for arrival.
Wine on the tables (just red and white or red white and rose?)
Fizz for toasts

So how many bottles?!

From my days in catering I remember we used to work on

Half a bottle of wine per person
+ 2 glasses of fizz (and assuming 5 glasses of fizz per bottle).

I dont mind having leftovers! But I dont want to under cater.

So how much do you reckon?


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Thanks Mamy x
Awwww! :-)) x
Thanks LIK :) x
Congrats Cali, lovely news.

BM, I went to wedding yesterday, and pounded 4 glasses of fizz and about 3 glasses of white....if that helps.
Buy on a sale or return basis (supermarkets do it) and you can over-estimate without worrying. I would forget the Rose.
I know nothing about wine calculations, but all the best for the day Barmaid.

Congratulations to you both Calico as well.
I'll be there so about 100 :-) (for my table only!)
congratulations, Calicogirl.

Way to hijack a thread...
Ginge said can you get me a hospital bed?
We used to work on your quantities too
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Wine is dangerous to your health

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How Much Wine?!

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