How Much Wine?!

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Barmaid | 19:57 Fri 12th Apr 2019 | Food & Drink
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Having a wee shin dig in June (you may already be aware!!!)

60 for afternoon tea. (There are evening guests, but I havent decided what I am doing about that yet).

We need fizz for arrival.
Wine on the tables (just red and white or red white and rose?)
Fizz for toasts

So how many bottles?!

From my days in catering I remember we used to work on

Half a bottle of wine per person
+ 2 glasses of fizz (and assuming 5 glasses of fizz per bottle).

I dont mind having leftovers! But I dont want to under cater.

So how much do you reckon?


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Oooh vicarious wedding planning, lovely! x

I'd go 40 bottles of wine and 30 of champagne. My mother always reckons that if something goes on above 1 1/2 hours to add 10% as well if that's helpful.
I'd forget the rosé (unless you know that one or more guests will only drink it). It only complicates the calculations.

Half a bottle of wine person gives them 2 x 175ml glasses each, which is fairly standard. So, in an ideal world, you'd need 30 bottles of wine. However that fails to take into account the red/white split. 15 red and 15 white would only work if you'd got exactly the same number of people favouring red wine as who favoured white. So if I was arranging the catering I'd order 20 bottles of each, giving an allowance for an imbalance in the red/white ratio and providing a few extra glasses for those guests who take you to one side and say "I was just wondering if there was any chance of another glass of wine?"

With the fizz you might get 6 glasses out of a bottle if you use those annoyingly small flute glasses favoured by some caterers or just 4 glasses if you're using bigger glasses. Working on 4 glasses per bottle (and two glasses per person) that leaves you needing 30 bottles of fizz (although you could probably get by with 25).

I've been typing slowly (and trying to do other things at the same time), so CG's answer wasn't there when I started. However I see that she's also suggested 40 bottles of wine and 30 of bubbly so there appears to be some rare consensus on AB for once ;-)

Unless you're going to buy the really good stuff I'd advise ignoring CG's reference to champagne though. A cheap bottle of prosecco or cava will always be better than a cheap bottle of champagne.
yeah half a bot
a lot will be driving
and I cater for one bot and always have tons left over

no rose
oh and have a jolly jolly day Barmaid
you have worked hard for it
I only knew that off the top of my head Chris because we're big drinkers as a family and do lots of entertaining, aka pissheads. My Mum can calculate things down the last bloody Vol-au-Vent ;-)
Question Author
Excellent Cal and Buen, thank you. Your calculations dovetail with mine. And thank you for your kind words PP.

My next problems are
1) Where on earth am I going to put 70 bottles of booze
2) can I prevent them being consumed!!!!!!!!
3) persuading Mr BM he cant wear his funeral suit........
1. Anywhere they'll fit!
2. Order more wine so you still have your original 70 bottles intact silly!
3. Count yourself lucky about the funeral suit, Mr Cal wore jeans- seriously.

Hope you have a lovely, lovely time x
Question Author
Was that for a previous marriage? Or did you get married and NOT TELL US?!!!!
The latter, so low key we were hardly there ourselves, so no do whatsever, but doesn't matter :) x
Question Author
All that matters is that you and Mr Cal are happy. And on a very low key almost not there basis, may I congratulate you and wish you every happiness xxxxx
Yeah we're ridiculously happy so thank you so much! :) x
Lovely news Calico (squeal - so nice to hear happy stuff) do you want to borrow a ‘blouse’ for the honeymoon?
Hang on hang on am I getting this right, theirs been a wedding.
Many congrats, Calicogirl.
( chink of my whiskey glass against your champers glass ).
Thank you both, it was back beginning of last month so the couple of days we managed away are all over and done with but thanks for the blouse lend offer Sherr. Nice try lol ;-)x
I didn't really want to start a thread over it because of my little friend who lurks about here but glad nice folks know x
Ah yes, it's a cake these days.
Tea anyone? :)
Not for me , thank you very much.

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