How much can I drink?

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jessiedog | 21:31 Tue 12th Dec 2006 | Food & Drink
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I am going to our works party / dinner at the weekend and would like to know how much I could drink with out being over the limit driving. I only have to drive about a mile and would walk if it wasn't in dark countryside, and taxis are very difficult to get hold of here in the sticks for such short distances. I want to be sensible but sociable.
If I had a sherry before the meal and a glass of wine during the meal and maybe one other drink after, is this likely to make me over the limit? The meal is a starter, turkey dinner, poached pears in red wine dessert and mince pies. Also I am a large lady.

Thanks for any help.


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Id wait till i got home then i would have alcohol, stick to soft drinks when driving, enjoy your night out btw
Yes that probably will put you over the limit, especially as the pears are in red wine.

Best not to drink at all.
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Thanks chaps - not being a drinker I'm not sure of my limits. Looks like i'm the taxi driver again!
It is a fact that alcohol has a quicker effect on females than males, something to do with females having a higher percentage of body fat.

If a relative or friend of yours was injured or killed by a driver and that driver said "Well, I only had a sherry before the meal, a glass of wine with dinner and another drink after", what would you think?

Do the sensible thing and don't drink and drive.
By the way. Pears cooked in red wine should have little or no alcohol in them because they will have been cooked, thus evaporating the alcohol from the sauce. This is part of the reason that chefs set light to brandy in dishes.
If it's only a mile drive,then BOOK a taxi ,I'm sure if you ring round,someone will be available. Leave the car at home,then you can't be tempted or accidentily go over the limit.Enjoy the evening,and get some drink necked,what's a few quid now and then
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Problem solved - I am staying at a friends house in town - bet I still don't drink though !
Jessie - I am an old lady now - and having been to many of these functions over the years - I have found that is far too easy to embarrass yourself and your co-workers if you have a bit too much to drink.

Way better to wait until it is just friends and family to do that:)
I partially agree with BBWCHATT. I think normally there'll be a full staff room the day after wondering what they did to embarrass themselves at the do :)
What kind of Christmas party would it be if people didn't get drunk and embarass themselves, definitely one I would want no part of!
I reckon if you work with these people, you must surely be friends with them so how could you embarass yourselves in front of friends? (and if you're not friends with them - why the hell do you work there - far too much time is spent at work to not like the people you work with)
My Christmas party is at the weekend and I can't wait - bring on the free Champagne I say!
I agree with Miss-Taken. leave the car at home and get sozzled.

We had our xmas do last night and everyone was drunk and being silly and talking about all sorts of stuff. It was great. And the next day is so funny as well going over the events of the night before and all laughing at each other cos everyone's got hangovers. Superb!

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