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jack daniels | 15:51 Tue 09th Apr 2019 | Food & Drink
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Hello Abers,

I buy 4 pint plastic bottles of milk that do get used up (any smaller - not enough, any bigger - too much) I do freeze milk with no problem. I always smell the milk when I open it before every use (force of habit) making tea, coffee, breakfast - you get the gist. Does anyone find the smell of milk is funny/weird but milk is ok to use or vice versa? sometimes it can go thick when it goes off with no smell - I bin it. Sometimes the smell seems to come from the neck of the bottle but milk is fine inside. Anyone else with this or just me? Clean answers only please tia


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No, the smell test has always worked very well for me. I've never found the milk doesn't smell off and it is. However, i have smelt "off milk" and it has appeared not to be off.
Milk always smells off to me so I have to get other people if it’s okay
The reason milk smells off is due to some kind of "acid" the more acid in the milk, the more off it smells. Maybe RR you have a heightened sense towards this acid.
I don’t use milk very often, but I find that it lasts way past its use by date. You’ll soon know if it’s off, when tasting.
"some kind of acid"....that'll be lactic acid....
Milk can be on the turn and not smell off.

I find heating some that I'm unsure about, in the microwave, for a hot milky drink, encourages it to become more obviously 'off'.

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Off Or Not Off? - That Is The Question

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