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pastafreak | 18:18 Sat 30th Jun 2018 | Food & Drink
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I found some chevre blanc at the back of the's from the deli counter, wrapped in plastic wrap and a paper bag. Use by is 12/6...eek. I know some folk would...I'm not so confident.


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Personally I would. Back in the day there were no sell by dates you just sniffed it, and saw if the cat would eat it ( which is the yardstick in my house) and I am very rarely ill with a dodgy stomach.
Well as long as the Chevre blanc is not Chevre noir...........
Give it a go!
Would I eat it?

I would probably eat the goat as well.
/// and saw if the cat would eat it ( which is the yardstick ///

Priceless ! ! ! ! !
^^^ even more so because it's true Canary , I actually do that ^^^
make some toast, slice the cheese and put it on the toast. Toast the cheese til it softens and serve with some chutney or tomato salad.....never waste good cheese.
Don't know about food stuffs but if it was a liquid I'd drink it no matter what the used by date. Never let a liquid go to waste....
It might be beneficial!
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I'm going to dip it in seasoned polenta and pan fry. Yumm.

Sorry Talbot...the goat scampered off before I could catch it. ;-)
My cat is so fussy...he'd turn his nose up at fresh chicken...but eat salami...
No but the only cheese I dont like is goat
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More for me, Rowan!
Eat it. Cheese is pickled milk. It will last forever.
Most cheese is ancient when you buy it anyway. If it's a bit mouldy I just cut off the mould and it's fine.
Soft cheese is a different thing altogether and not worth the gamble.
I wuoldn't...

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