Mivvi Ice Lolly

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kimbly59 | 11:54 Thu 28th Jun 2018 | Food & Drink
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Hi, does anyone know where the name 'Mivvi' originated from?? This is the ice-lolly with the vanilla ice-cream inside and an outer sorbet covering in raspberry, pineapple or strawberry? I know the ice lolly was made by Lyons Maid. Thanks folks!


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Struggling to find a clear reference to the origin but presumably came about as the MIddle was Vanilla Ice cream.

Someone may find a source.
Welcome to Answerbank Kimbly.
Oh Douglas did you have to link to that lol

//Natasha: “Would you like to taste my Mivvi?”
Perry: “I though you’d never ask”
{Natasha holds a mildly nibbled ice-cream treat in front of Perry. He looks disappointed}//
Sorry for the children they have mucky tendencies
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Thanks everyone! Will keep on looking but I like your answer Mamyalynne
If I find anything fresh I'll add it here.
that's mivvy doug.

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Mivvi Ice Lolly

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