Can I Be A Mild Vegan

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Curiosity_x | 01:31 Sun 01st Jul 2018 | Food & Drink
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Can i be considered a mild vegan if i dont eat animal or dairy products yet i own things like a leather couch and shoes etc (im 15)?


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Love the term 'Mild Vegan' it would being a bit of an hypocrite to say the least.
No. You're not a vegan, you're a vegetarian.
Eat what you like, wear what you like.
Just stay away from those V crazies. They are essentially a cult.
Look at any "discussion" board where they get involved.
You are too young to become a fanatic.
You can be anything you want to be and you don't have to justify yourself to anyone. However you cannot really call yourself vegan if you are not a true vegan.
.No, but if others use animals for meat the leather would go to waste. That is disrespectful to the animal. Just be a strict vegetarian and say thank you to the animals that gave you the sofa and nice shoes.

I still eat meat etc if I can source ethically produced supplies. Eggs and cheese etc too. I understand the whole meat is murder thing but we evolved to be omnivores and I think it is ok to compromise a little.
I have vegetarian and vegan friends..veggie I can cope with..but vegan..a complete nightmare..costs me a fortune every time they dairy..meat..eggs.... no sweets ,biscuits, bread...cake...
If my only vegan friend came it was a huge rice salad with some sort of pulse in it, or whole grain egg free pasta and a veggie sauce, dairy free fake cheese and fruit salad with some sort of soya cream substitute. Not too bad, just did a meat side dish for those that wanted it.. usually meant a trip to the health food shop but I used a lot of the stuff myself.
If you were a vegan, you would find the concept of a leather couch / shoes abhorrent. So, by default, you’re not.
In order to be a vegan you must avoid ALL animal both in what you eat and what you wear. People are becoming increasingly aware of how animals are treated for food and for other and are moving away from animal products. This is entirely up to individuals and is not a cult as is suggested here. If I were you I would investigate both veganism and vegetarianism thoroughly before you decide...having said this , if I was the person who had to feed you I would be happier with the latter! It is your choice but if you choose veganism then no more leather shoes or bags etc.
If you want to give yourself a title, you might call yourself an "aspiring vegan" I mean I am guessing that at 15, you didn't choose or buy the couch? At your age do you live at home? Because many animal products that are in your environment you won't have control over. You'd need to dispose of those animal products that you do have control over (also products that are tested on animals) and commit not to acquiring more and also follow a vegan diet...but as others have said there is no need to have a label.
Do what you have to do, just don't go on about it.

Why would you wish to be ?
Be who you are. Ignore labels/titles.
Please just don't worry about labels or pressure from other people to label yourself, just do what you yourself are morally comfortable with and be confident in that. If you want to work towards become completely Vegan then do so and don't allow other people to plonk labels on you. I tend not to eat meat most of the time, but sometimes I do, I'm comfortable with that because it's always ethically locally sourced meat which had a good quality of life befor it was slaughtered or roadkill. We have a couple of little girls locally who keep pet chickens they never kill so I'm cool with buying their eggs from them, if people don't like my efforts towards animal welfare and view me somehow as less than a Vegan, that's their problem, so do what makes you feel comfortable, you don't need to justify yourself to anyone. x
yes of course you can

you make the rules - fish can be a veg if you like the fish - and shellfish.

you could define - if it moos, it is an animal and otherwise not

the choice is yours
You could. There are some who claim they don't drink alcohol and yet have rather a taste for gin. Mild teetotallers ... clearly. ;o)
... animal lovers who dont like spiders
OK who dont like all animals
As said you are a vegetarian NOT a Vegan.That is fine,don't worry about it.
Is that aimed at me Naomi? You're off to a blistering start this morning I must say, well done, have a badge. the last time I checked adults are free to drink or not drink depending on how the fancy takes them. I don't drink generally,in fact I can quite happily go for months on end without ever having alcohol however lately I've had cause to, and it seems like you're starting early today :/
I'm impressed you own a leather couch at 15...I was in my 30's before I achieved that goal.

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