The 'ends' Of A Loaf Of Bread

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jack daniels | 11:45 Mon 07th Nov 2016 | Food & Drink
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using a loaf of bread a wondered what people do with the end bits. I dont really like them so with mine they either get made into breadcrumbs or the birds get them

what do you do with yours?


Anna x


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Croutons, toss cubes in olive oil and put into a low oven to crisp. Keep in an airtight container to eat with soups. I also put some garlic and mixed herbs in as well.
Do you mean the crusts? I toast mine
I eat them, the best parts of the loaf!
I believe they are known as heels.
best bits......

Toasted, they is luvverly ;o)
If I've got no other bread, I'll toast them. Otherwise I throw them away, which is very bad. I feel terrible for saying that and wasting food, so I'm going to toast and eat them in future.
Bread and butter pudding.
I bin them.
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i tried panzanella and didnt like it but thank you Khandro
ive done croutons but i get quite a lot of crusts since we go through quite a lot of bread
love bread and butter pud but dont make it that often togo
i ended up slicing off the very end part and toasting it which wasnt too bad but would welcome more ideas

Anna x
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BTW i sometimes find that the ends have 'sweated' in the pack and i do throw them away.

Anna x
I'm a fan of lightly toasted crusts with a spread of Marmite and cream cheese atop.

Some ideas here.
Type Your Answer them, best bit of the loaf
I bin mine too!! Not my favourite part of the loaf.
I also cut the ends off baguettes!
I feed the birds with leftovers including crusts.
Toast and add loads of butter and "Roses" lime marmalade - delicious. In Dundee we call the "ends" of a loaf of bread heelies.
I eat them as well , better than the rest of the loaf!

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The 'ends' Of A Loaf Of Bread

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