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jack daniels | 11:47 Mon 07th Nov 2016 | Food & Drink
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I'm diabetic type 2 and have been experimenting with sugarfree recipes and made an apple crumble. The fruit part was fine but i found the texture of the crumble wasn't as good as when it has sugar in it.
Has anyone got any tips - not the obvious use sugar!


Anna x
ps i used canderel to make the crumble


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what about adding some ground almonds - I always add it to my crumble toppings but then there is a little sugar in the mix too.
Diabetes UK suggests drizzling runny honey over the sugar free crumble topping, if you Google diabetes UK apple crumble you'll find the whole recipe.
You're cutting out a load of sugar by not putting any in the fruit part so personally (I'm type 2 too) I'd make the crumble topping normally but just reduce the sugar component of it a bit. Per portion, unless you're going to eat an enormous portion, it's really not too bad.
Almonds work, I've also added chia seeds in the past to get a good crumble grain.
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ethan - too much honeys not a good thing either, about a teaspoon and not everyday, so i think i'll miss the honey altogether but thanks.
coconut changes the whole thing so again dont really want to use that but thanks
could give almonds a go as there isn't that much flavour to them, thanks.

Anna x
I always mix oats into my crumble. But I put in sugar about Agave ?
Honey has a lower GI than sugar which means is doesn't raise blood sugar as quickly, it's also sweeter so you use less. Apparently.
I'd give it a miss too to be honest, but I don't like the taste anyway.

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