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What's For Dinner This Evening?

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ethandron | 18:54 Fri 27th Nov 2015 | Food & Drink
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We're having carbonnade, it's just finishing off in the oven have put some slices of baguette generously spread with whole grain mustard on top about ten minutes ago. It'll do us tomorrow evening too, unless we're very greedy this evening.
Starters are as usual a G&T, pud is a ripe and ready nectarine.
What about you?


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roast spatchcocked chicken in garlic and some herbs....roast tatties for the mater, braised chicory for me, selection of steamed greens and baby turnips....
Blimey DT, the pizza we're having pales into insignificance next to your feast ...
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You eat a lot of chicory DT, is it a particular favourite?
I've got a houseful of giggly 10 & 11 year olds :-(

So it's pizza night.
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Ooh err BOO, sounds like fun...
Salmon en croute (shop bought) with a mixed vegetable medley and creamed potatoes. That is if I can eat mine (watching tennis).
It's not Eth!

Banished em to Mini Boo's room, can still hear em screeching though.

Both the dog and cat is in hiding and Mr Boo's on the beer already, lol.
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A house full of boys the same age is even worse from what I remember, give me the girls every time.
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Blooming tennis is delaying strictly takes two, wish they'd get it over with
Flamin' sport ALWAYS takes over !!
it's a replacement to eating potatoes, ethandron, avoids the carbs......
Bread and pullet :-(

My car was serviced today, it wasn't cheap :-((
It's on eth !
better than used engine oil, but then, one you will like, Eccles, the Argies used that for their bbq fuel - no wonder their beef is so 'tasty.'
It was cheese and crackers for me though I had been taken to the Christmas Markets earlier and treated and had a lovely bratwurst, some Gluwein and mini pancakes with Nutella.

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What's For Dinner This Evening?

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