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sunny-dave | 22:26 Mon 13th May 2013 | Food & Drink
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I had a quiet pint or two with NoM at the weekend and we both said that it was about time that this re-started ... then I got the short straw :)

So ... this week we have from Mr Tesco :

Heidsieck & Co. Monopole Blue Top Champagne Brut 75cl - £14.99

A real top notch Champagne from a well respected House.

Lots of fruit, not as 'sharp' as some Champers prepared for the British market and plenty of proper grapey aftertaste.

Don't get it totally Baltic - normal fridge temperature and then let it come up to about 7° or 8° for drinking.

A real bargain at £14.99

From Aldi :

Minarete Ribera Del Duero - £5.49

Way underpriced - it can only be this cheap because no-one has really cottoned on to how good Ribera Del Duero is. It will knock any Rioja of a similar (or actually much higher) price into a cocked hat.

Brilliant with BBQs (if we ever get the weather) or a very good fruity red to have with cheese and biscuits of an evening.

From Averys :

De Martino 347 Chardonnay Reserva Limari Valley Chile 2011 - £8.33 (if you buy 6)

My favourite white of the last year or so - read my review on their site -

Great with fish or pasta - but loads of flavour and stands up to Roast Dinners very well.

Drink and Enjoy - and post your favourite tipples here too

Dave xx


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While talking all things Iberian, does anyone know a supplier of Dao wines from Portugal?
Up to about two years ago Tesco sold it as a seasonal wine, approx November to March, for about £4.60 - £5.00 a bottle. I bought by the case load as it was the most quaffable yet able bodied red I had come across.
Alas they do it no more - I've asked many times and still ahve to look on their shelves.
Question Author
I too like Dao - and you don't see it as often over here as you used to.

I know nothing about this specific wine - but the Asda Select range is usually pretty good :
Thanks for that info sunny-dave.
The good lady is currently drawing up a shopping list for me to do - may just add a couple of bottles to the list.
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