saveloy sausages

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ceylon | 13:51 Thu 10th Apr 2008 | Food
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where can i buy saveloy sausages to cook at home, please help i have a brummie partner going bonkers cuz he cant find them now he has moved to wallasey merseyside!!!!


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I get them from Tesco
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thanks jd,will try my local tesco! Anything to keep him happy much appreciated :)
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dear jd did you buy saveloy as savs or under a different name, bin online for tesco but cant seem to find?
Hi ceylon, I don't think you can buy it online shopping, I've had a look & it doesn't come up.
I've bought them when I've been to Tesco. They're in the deli department usually with the satay sticks,duck spring rolls etc...
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cheers thanks gona take a trip to tesco with my saveloy starvin partner,
Your fault ceylon - I've bought some today. They were in the deli section with the salamis.
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you little devil, do you live in merseyside or further afield?
I was thinking of you while the jd's were munching their saveloys.
I'm in the Cambridgeshire area & Tesco here sells them. Looks like you're going to have to go further afield or surely you can order them in - I'm sure they can do that?????????
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cheers thanks for the info will see if our local tesco will order in for us :>]
try birkenhead market, they have a lot of butchers stalls which may sell them, and birkenhead is only down the road from wallasey :)
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cheers thanks alot didnt think of there, HOPEFULLY!!!!
Let us know when he's had them - he'd better bl00dy appreciate the trouble you're going to! LOL
Hello ceylon, did you find any?

I moved to Cheshire from the Midlands and have been hankering for the ol' red for some months now. I'd rather find them in a chip shop, but I'll take anything I can get!
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Hi K-Dog, yeh i found them at my local Tesco at Bidston Moss on the Wirral, they were ok but nothing like the original ones from the Midlands and their chippys, didnt seem to be as tasty or spicy,still searching myself, found a company called Tasty Bake but you would have to buy a pallet load off them as they distribute to the trade and public, ok if you have a mega size freezer, if i find anymore i will let you know, kind regards ceylon :-)
Pallet load hey? Hmmmm.........

I feared that the home cooking option ones just wouldn't be the same, I can't imagine many things worse than a less than perfect saveloy!

Oh well, please do keep me posted though, thank you.

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saveloy sausages

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