Do You Have Regular Meal Times

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bellazella | 14:56 Mon 26th Mar 2012 | Food
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Or do you just eat when you feeling hungry, disregarding the time?


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Lunch between 12 and 1. Depends on what we're doing and what time everyone is expected to be home.
Dinner between 5.30-6.30 for the above same reason.
Lunch between 12 and 2 and dinner between 6 and 7. It's habit now so intend to be hungry then.
No set times, just eat when hungry.
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Since the brood left, i find myself eating when i feel like it
As I'm on my own whenever I feel like it really.......................I often only have 2 meals a day, and snack on fruit.
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On my work days-breakfast between 8-8.30,lunch at 1. On my days off,add several hours to that,and dinner is always any time after 8pm.
Breakfast yes because I have a time frame I have to be out by in the morning. Otherwise lunch is between 12pm - 2:30pm and dinner can be 6pm - 9pm sometimes, it really depends on what's going on in the day.
During the day regular times but evening meal varies between 5 and 9 depending what's happening
Lunch is always around 12 because I don't eat breakfast so I'm starving by then.

Dinner is usually at the same time but that's just because I eat with my Dad although when I fend for myself it's just whenever I feel like it.
No set times. During the day I eat when I'm hungry. Dinner depends on what time OH comes in from work.
Red likes an early dinner around 6pm but otherwise its as and when hungry... I'd probably eat a lot later if alone as get engrossed in hobbies etc
Do you live with Red now, Rowan?
Most of the time he's with me or I'm with him We've only spent one week apart since October ...
Awwww :-)
Its nice I just need bigger dinnerplates

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Do You Have Regular Meal Times

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