Loch Fyne : BEWARE!

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Lindylou | 18:25 Wed 15th Sep 2010 | Eating Out
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Just had a meal at Loch Fyne. Lovely, no probs. BUT!! We had a voucher for a 2 course meal for £10 plus a carafe of wine for £6. The bill didn't come in at £26 - as it should. It was over £31 because VAT was added. No mention of the original cost being subject to Value Added Tax. Just though everyone should be aware of this extra, added cost. Especially if you (as were we) didn't expect it. Don't know of any other 'offer' that is subject to an extra cost, such as VAT. I would have thought that should have either been included, or at least mentioned in the original offer.


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you were robbed - it shouldn't have come to over 31 quid even with VAT added!
With your post being timed at 1925 and you stated that you 'just had' a meal, I'm wondering if it was at lunchtime (or while the lunchtime menu was still being served). If so, Loch Fyne offers a two course lunch for £10 (with a carafe of wine for £6) from the restaurant's regular set menu. i.e. I can't see why you'd need any vouchers anyway:

Further it's illegal not to include VAT in menu prices:
(Service charges can be additional to what's shown against menu items but the existence of a service charge, and the rate at which it is calculated, must still be clearly shown).

If VAT was added onto a £26 bill (which, as stated above, it shouldn't have been), the total should have come to £30.55 (not 'over £31').

However if 20% was added onto the bill (either as VAT at the forthcoming rate or as a hefty service charge) your bill would have been £31.20. (Is that what you paid?). However, as far as I can find from the web, Loch Fyne only adds a service charge on for larger parties, and then only at 10%.

Loch Fyne is a trading name of Greene King, which is one of the UK's more 'customer-friendly' companies. I suggest writing a letter to their customer services department, querying the additional charge. You might even get a free meal out of it ;-)

Customer Services Manager,
Loch Fyne Restaurants,
Greene King,
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 1QW

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Loch Fyne : BEWARE!

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