Mcdonalds Shaker Side Salad

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cleoval | 19:49 Mon 28th Jan 2019 | Eating Out
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Hi has anybody tried McDonalds Shaker Side Salad and what do you think. ? Thanks in advance.


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it was rather 'meh'
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Hi what does 'meh' mean ?
I haven't tried it, but perusing it online looks rather mundane - leaves (seasonal), cherry toms and cucumber.

I imagine you adorn with a dressing?
'meh' implies mundane. Neither good nor bad
These ingredients may sound wonderfully healthy, but topped with creamy Asiago Caesar dressing on its crispy chicken version, the salad loses its appeal. The salad contains more than 730 calories, 53 grams of fat, and 1,400 milligrams of salt, according to McDonald's nutritional information.4 Feb 2016
I haven't tried it, but it's salad. It's what food eats.

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Mcdonalds Shaker Side Salad

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