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Valentine's Day!

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piggynose | 09:16 Wed 14th Feb 2024 | Family & Relationships
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Who said romance is dead?

So being valentine day! 

Where and when did you meet the love of yr life?



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Still searching for him 💓

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I met my lovely wife( well common in law) in a Madrid bar 17 years ago!

At a party 54 years ago but I was with someone else and we really didn't take much  notice of each  other. There was no romance between us.  He's the most unromantic man I've ever met and I'm not very attracted to openly romantic men.  So Vale tines day doesnt mean a lot to us.  

We met at my works valentines 'do', he's the brother of someone I worked with. That was 50 years ago today, we married two years later.

Neither of us is romantic, have never sent valentines or any other cards to each other, have never felt the need to, we know what we mean to each other.

Actual meeting.... Chester station

I think he was terrified because V for vendetta had featured strongly in the online stage I did an R version of V's speech and performed it complete with sweeping bow in front of a growing crowd of onlookers.  It set the tone for the rest of our ( far too few) years together.  At least he found out I was crazy from the start.

1989 at College in Norfolk

I was 17 he was 18

He was a geek - I was popular

Apart from 12 months we have been together since.

Vagus, I glad we're not the only not traditionally romatic couple.. We've never celebrated aniversaries either and our wedding wasn't a romantic do either.  We too know what we mean to each other.


We don't do valentines day either. Other than exchanging cards with the most obscene poems possible. Scared I'll die and the kids will find the 24 years worth I have kept. They will spend all the inheritance on therapy. 

Question Author

We also don't celebrate valentine's day, b'days or even anniversaries, I did initially, but felt I was fighting lost cause, different cultures I guess.

But rarely a day goes by without my oh saying those immortal 3 words! 

Bins out please.

I met mine at my friend's 25th birthday party. Love at first sight. We were married within a year.

Our love is still strong after 40 odd years.

I was working as an engineer building a roundabout in Northampton. 2nd day there, the future wife pulled up driving a concrete mixer truck! 6 months later she asked me out (so its all her fault!!) and a year later we married. Still going strong after 37 years (in May).

in court

Basically, on a blind date set up by his mother who was a work colleague. That was 42 years ago! 

At first I was going to ask unromantically which one :-)

Seriously the current is almost certainly it and we met at work 30 years ago but didn't start an office romance until 25 years ago.

on a night out with my WREN pals i fell in the gutter and he was looking up at me .been married 50 years .seriously we met in a restaurant he was out with sailor mates me with my Jenny pals x

1961 at the church youth club - she came with a friend. I was 16 and she was 14. We've been together ever since. Wouldn't swap her.

Met my wife at Ft Lauderdale in the Library.  Many people who knew us thought that was strange us meeting in a library until they found out it was the name of the bar/dancehall at the hotel we were staying in.  Married over 40 years now and still love her to bits.

We worked at the same nightclub  she was a barmaid, I was a DJ.

Forty-four years later, she has just had a big bouquet of flowers delivered, and a card with her breakfast in bed.

As Phil Cool once said "I met my wife in Australia.  I said what the *** hell are you doing here?"

No, we met at the Princess Bowling Alley, Dagenham - 57 years ago. 

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Valentine's Day!

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