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What Does It Mean When You Hold Hands While Going To Sleep?

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honeybun35 | 01:34 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | Family & Relationships
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My friend and I had romantic evening Saturday night. fter we had sex be held my hand n then we fell asleep. In the middle of the night he wrapped his leg around mine. 



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Hi it's me. I didn't mean anything by it when I held your hand. I just thought you'd like it.

Also the leg wrapping thing was because I got a bit cold later on.

So you're both on here?? Okay.....

I don't think honeybun is a real person smow. Just some kind of spam machine.

He wanted sex again.

honey - have you not heard the expression "getting you leg over"?  😂

Does he have a false leg? Did he unscrew it and then wrap it around your leg?

I think you may be more than just friends

This is a joke now. 

Why do you feel the need to post this rubbish?

To wind us all up.  Spam surely.

Ugh, holding hands in bed, no way! Even worse wrapping legs around!!! Deary me, what the youth get up to these days, it's appalling 🙄

He probably wanted to leg it... but you trapped him.

Didn't Ross have the answer in "Friends" - the hug & roll?

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What Does It Mean When You Hold Hands While Going To Sleep?

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