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What Excuse Can I Make Not To Go To My Friends?

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abbeylee90 | 21:46 Thu 30th Nov 2023 | Family & Relationships
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I'm going out tomorrow but I don't want to go over my friends to get ready like she's asking what do I say?



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You have another appointment. I'm sure that you could think of something. 

1. You have a sick friend/relative.

2. Your car needs fixing.

3. The roads are blocked with mud/snow/excavations.

4. You are not well.

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It's very simple.  You don't fib.  You just say that you'd rather get ready at home.  You don't need to give a reason why.  I've never gone anywhere to get ready for a night out.

Just say, Yes, I'll meet you tomorrow, but I'll get ready here at home.  Do you you want to meet at 8 or 8.15pm? (or something similar).

Where are you going Abbey?  ...  Just say you'd rather get dressed at home  ... simple.  Maybe, of course, it's a fancy dress affair??

Question Author

To take pics I think why she want me there

What she wants  is what she wants.  You don't have to go along with it.  Why are pics. necessary?  You want what you want, which is not to fall in with her plans.  A simple 'No, thanks' is all you need to say.   🙂

You say "no".

Practise saying, "No" to folk and stand up to them.

To take pics sounds rather odd to me  ...  does she mean while you are getting dressed?  Surely she can take  pics at the venue - where are you going?

You've been invaded by this strange near-mediaeval creature called an AB-Mod and now you are fighting for your very existence.

what to do if you want to say No.  (I saw this on an Oprah Winfrey show,)   She said ........ Look them in the face and say this:  No.

Great advice!

This sounds like the same friend you wanted to avoid before. She sounds a bit overbearing at times in trying to persuade you to do things her way. Is she wanting you there to also share half the taxi fare from her house? It is OK to be polite and stand up for yourself and to do what makes you feel comfortable. The Winner had perfectly lovely answer. Just sat you'd prefer to get ready at home and meet her in the pub at a given time. There is nothing wrong with that. I would never want to get ready at someone's house - what a faff. I would want all my things around me and to use lighting I am used to etc. 

Don't be made to feel bad. Have a great night out.

Question Author

She doesn't seem to understand when I said I'll meet her in town still thinks I'm going to hers 

You will have to repeat what you said ......No. I'll meet in town.  She is being unreasonable now 

No..... You will meet her at the event.... No explanation needed  be more assertive.

Sayimg "No" will show her you are in charge of your life, not her !  

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sorry, wrong thread .....

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What Excuse Can I Make Not To Go To My Friends?

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