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My Mom Has A Victim Mindset…

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mimi999999999 | 04:54 Fri 23rd Sep 2022 | Family & Relationships
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I know what you might be thinking from the title, probably an ungrateful child from a hardworking mom. Here me out. For the past 16 years of my life, all my mom has done is complain about every single thing that has happened. Even if it has NOTHING to do with her. She will somehow make it into a situation where it affects her and complain about it. Every single morning I wake up, she always judges me on the clothes I wear. I’m not even going outside, I’m staying at home! And I’ll literally just be wearing a basic t-shirt and some shorts, and she’ll still say something like, "Why can’t you dress nicer? Every single day you wear the same kind of outfit." It’s so mentally draining to hear this every single day. Then whenever I do try to wear something different, she tries to nitpick anything she sees about my outfit. "Your shirt is wrinkled, why didn’t you iron it?" or "Your outfit doesn’t even match, go put on something else." Sometimes, she’ll even tell me to change my outfit all together even where’s there’s nothing wrong with it. There was also another time when she told me, "I think you don’t want your friends to see me because you’ll be jealous that all the attention will be on me instead of you." I had absolutely NO idea what she was talking about because I never even thought about her in that way. There was also another time when I said excuse me while trying to walk forward to where she and my dad was, because I was pretty far behind. Once we got to the car, she started complaining how I roughly pushed her out of the way just so I could be with my dad. I don’t understand how someone could just complain this much!? I don’t even think I can survive these last 1-2 years I’ll be with her, that’s how bad it is. What should I do!?


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Is her name Karen perchance?
She hasn't got a victim mindset, but you think you are a victim of your mother's behaviour.
Any chance your mother is right in what she says?
Maybe these things are inherited and there's not much can be done
Sounds to me as if you don't understand the meaning of the term "victim mindset".
Someone with a "victim mindset" tends to recognize or consider themselves a victim of the negative actions of others.
From what you say, this would apply to you, much more than to your Mum.
You see yourself as a victim of your Mum's attitude.
Maybe it is your attitude that is the problem.
Welcome to the world of other people. They are always a puzzle.

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My Mom Has A Victim Mindset…

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