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Why Do My Friends Think It’s Okay To Comment On My Height Every Time They See Me

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Lilalily | 18:49 Fri 01st Dec 2023 | Family & Relationships
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I'm a very short gal. Only 153cm tall. My friends are not the tallest people ever, they are both about 165cm or so and their boyfriends are about 172cm. Every time I hang out with them, they have to comment on how short I am despite knowing that I'm very insecure about my height. Even their boyfriends are always commenting about how short I am. I have other people in my life who are much taller than my group of friends who don't even comment on my height so I don't understand why my friends and their boyfriends feel like it's okay to comment this every time. One of my friend is overweight but I don't ever comment on her weight even though it's something she can change, but why is it okay for her to constantly call me short?



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I don't know why they do this.  I don't think they are great  friends t.b.h..  I certainly wouldn't treat a friend like that.  Have you asked them not to do it? Find some new ones if you have done and they've ignored you.

Everyone comments on my height,too, even strangers. I take no offence.

It happens to tall people as well.  Hence my Lofty Lottie name tag.  People saying stupid things like aren't you tall, as if I didn't know I was.  One of my grandmothers was just under 6'.  Actually now there are plenty of young women that are quite a lot taller than me now I've shrunk with age and arthritis.  I always loved being tall though and wore platform soles and high heels which made me a six footer.

Be proud of what you are.  They say good  things come in small parcels!

Lilalily, you're taller than I am, taller than both my sisters. We know we're not tall, but I'd never think of myself as a 'very short gal'!

PS Your friends sound awful

You can tell I'm old.  I have no idea of my height in centimeters!

One of my friends father always addressed me Lofty when I was 15.  At that age and tall and thin I was very sensitive and I hated him.  It was cruel.

Just say to them, straight to their faces and unequivocally, "I'm really insecure about my height. Please don't joke about it."

If they then continue then they're not your friends.

Weight ain't easy to change. There are more factors involved that many who don't experience a problem want to admit.


As for your height, I doubt anything is meant by it, it's just friends ribbing each other.


And there's no reason for you to feel insecure about it. Your height is fine, besides petite females are far less likely to have relationship issues than petite men are.


Try to not let it all bother you, you're just fine as you are.


One if the pieces of good advice in life is to accept that which you can not change. (Gawd knows the "trans" folk could use advice like that.)

Your friends obviously have low self-esteem and attempt to bolster it at your expense.  Either ignore it or find new friends.

P.S. The boyfriends probably have tiny penises.

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Why Do My Friends Think It’s Okay To Comment On My Height Every Time They See Me

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