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Does Anyone Know What This Guy Means?

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abbeylee90 | 17:24 Sun 26th Nov 2023 | Family & Relationships
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I've met this guy on a dating app and he asking me this Am finishing analyzing the today's trade hun and which I really want us to be part of it and is something that you will really be proud of it hun .. As you only need someone  who knows about the market and we got my uncle who can really be of help to us.



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It looks to be a bit of a rambling message, but I think that he wants to help you to get familiar with "the market" (whatever that may mean). His uncle could be on the scene and he could explain what "the market" means. Proceed with caution.

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He wants me to download the app 

Well, then; you won't know what he's on about until you download the app.

Sounds like a scam - ignore

... and it could, of course, be a big scam - hooking you in on the dating app, then letting you be 'part of' some investment, trading con...

The app could be a scam. Block him 

MargoTester is right. If this fellow doesn't explain clearly, right from the start, what he wants, don't get involved.

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Well started a normal conversation trying to get to know me but started on this

Abbey, scammers are often quite happy to do an introductory spell of being chatty, charming etc. Even if he is the nicest guy in the world, it's a little bizarre to trot out this trade analysis stuff so soon. 

The app could also be malware, letting trojans into your mobile or tablet.  Bad !

The 'Trojan' could then enable him to see everything in your system

This is exactly why your life is in such a tangle. You already have a thread of over 400+ posts dealing with your work problems  and now you are branching out onto another entirely different one. 

Abbey, I thought you'd given up on dating apps?

No and I think you don't want to know either - don't get involved.

Abbey, Why mess around with this nonsense when you should be talking to your Mum?

scammer. He'll have  a fantastic oportunity, maybe in bitcoin, and has a cash flow issue which you can help with and your £1000 will be worth £10000 before you know it; or he'll want you to be a money mule for moneylaundering.


SCAM. Avoid at all costs.



Abby it really does sound like a scam.  Block him if you can and move on.

He's a scam, avoid. Delete him.

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Does Anyone Know What This Guy Means?

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