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What Should I Do About One Of My Neighbor Leaving Fire Burning Overnight?

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Cindy1302 | 20:36 Tue 28th Nov 2023 | Family & Relationships
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We've lived in this house since 1999. I've only talked to This neighbor  hand full of times. It's illegal to leave  fire burning overnight where we live. When I was driving to work last night I noticed he was burning a brush pile. This morning I noticed there was still some smoke coming from the ashy pile. I think it was burning overnight. I suppose he could have put it out last night, and started it again this morning, but I don't think that's the case. I dont have his number but my mom does so I was thinking of getting his number and calling him to tell him to stop, but part of me wants to go straight to reporting him, because If I talk to him first, he'll know it was me. What should I do? And if it isn't clear, I'm afraid he'll create a forest fire.



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Are you in USA or just from USA? (mom, neighbor).

If you don't want to speak to him about it just put a  note through the letterbox pointing out that you will have to report if it happens again. Sign it "a neighbour" or "local resident"

Has he cleared around the bonfire. If you can see the smoke so can others and if it is a problem someone will report it if it is a problem. My bonfires often smoke for a day or two if the brush is damp. Relax, if you report everyone you find fault with have a sad life

Nothing, do nothing.  

Pop this month's calendar through his door after crosssing out the v.

Report him, we don't have enough anonymous vigilante types, set the standard and flying the flag (rules permitting).

I reported local children for using the swings on the sabbath, inviting the wrath of God in the shape of forest fire starting lightning.

Thin end of the wedge.

Question Author

Why not

Cindy As I mentioned before stop worrying about reporting your neighbours and employers and workmates. Life is to short

how dangerous is it? Is it actually close to fences, or to forest? Are prevailing winds likely to blow embers anywhere risky? Is there a neighbourhood app where locals discuss these things? (Or could you just ask neighbours in person what they think?)

Cindy, dangerously close to cinders.

Just saying...

Question Author

I think its relatively close to some trees. Definitely close enough to blow embers onto them.

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Regardless, what he's doing is illegal.

Then you must report and sleep the sleep of the just.

Cindy; How do you know it is illegal? I haven't heard of garden fires being against the law.

Atheist, I think Cindy is in the US.

Report him to the relevant authority, then forget it.

When I lived in the US I would get a burning permit for garden clean up. They could not be lit after a certain time but I was not required to extinguish them with water etc

London's a smokeless zone, Atheist.

Call the fire brigade.

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What Should I Do About One Of My Neighbor Leaving Fire Burning Overnight?

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