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Should I End The Relationship?

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Intruth1970 | 23:03 Wed 29th Nov 2023 | Family & Relationships
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Over the last couple of months my girlfriend who I live with for seven years,I moved in so we could be together, has started using the kitchen as a living room! Doesn't even sit with me in the living room anymore I told her it's weird but she says it's so she can smoke im a non smoker but this is ridiculous now  I feel like a lodger and regret giving up my flat to move in 65 miles away from my home town in London she has various health issues and I'm down as her carer due to some mobility issues now and again when her back goes and can't walk ect I would rather she admit she is not happy with us but she takes no responsibility for much 



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Sounds as if your relationship is dying a natural death. Euthanasia (of the relationship) recommended to set yourself free.
11:12 Fri 01st Dec 2023

Do you don't believe her explanation ?

Did you know she smoked? Would you prefer that she smokes in the living room rather than in the kitchen? Do you have any smelly habits?

I obviously don't know you two, but do you really think that she has 'gone off' you now that you are in the same home?

If she has health issues sufficient to require a carer I`d suggest she should not be smoking and smoking indoors is selfish if the other occupant doesnt. Follow your instinct and move on.

Talk with her (not at her) and see if you can find a way through.  Your post says you are looking for her to take responsibility.  You have told her it is weird - but have you tried asking her in a non-confrontational way what the issue is.  If you tell someone something is weird, they are going to feel attacked but if you ask them about their feelings, they are more likely to discuss these things.  If you have difficulty communicating, seek a relationship counsellor.

It is not for us to tell you whether to  end your relationship.  Only you know whether you should end it - if you are not happy, you either need to communicate and fix it or make the decision yourself to end things.

Sounds as if your relationship is dying a natural death. 

Euthanasia (of the relationship) recommended to set yourself free.

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Should I End The Relationship?

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