Is This Bisexual Or Is There Another Sexuality That Describes This?

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alyssa07212002 | 02:31 Thu 07th Jul 2022 | Family & Relationships
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My cousin is unsure of her sexuality. I’m posting this question with my cousin’s permission. She doesn’t like sex with males but likes relationships with them and she likes sex with girls but doesn’t like relationships with them. If anyone could help us out, me and my cousin would both really appreciate it.


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why would you need her permission ?
I don't think it would be unusual for a male to prefer the company/companionship of men without being homosexual. Maybe she is gay?
Does she need a labell... it just is what it is.
Try sexual?
User inactive already.
How unusual;-/
And I was just warming up.
Like her cousin
o god I think I will go back into the closet

Jarney - because it is the cousins personal info
// Does she need a labell//

like you know a sheep bell you hang around her neck
Bobo - you can tell you're in Wales ! hur hur hur
yeah bob yeah like so you know where the sheep are....
PP - take your tablets & go lie down for a bit.
Foo another 'tablets' one liner ! how I miss them!
always on the lips of barbinthebox - baldric, shoota, retrocop
I love 'nurse more night sedation!" at 1100 GMT !
Hurrah for the old days - where you know - if a Prime Minister loses confidence, he goes and doesnt do a Trump hang-on......aaah
the good old days

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Is This Bisexual Or Is There Another Sexuality That Describes This?

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