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O K If You're Rich

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Canary42 | 12:14 Sat 16th Sep 2023 | Personal Finance
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If he was an unemployed single pauper owing £25 he'd be in gaol by now.



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Give it time.

Why are the bailiffs not being sent in?

The rich have created the system that benefits the rich, from not paying tax to avoiding the consequences of breaking the law.

Without his money, Trump would have been jailed long ago.

standard practice

do you remember the lovable protesters who circulated - a mcMurder, Mcdisgusting, mcbankrupt circcular

McDOnalds sued ( libel)

it cost them £10m and even half way froo (*), da judge said, since the defendants have no money and have announced an intention to declare bankruptcy, do you wish to continue (*)( = go on)

and they did



this disgusting case is here

and do you know what ?

Helen Steel bankrupt n all, woke up one day a little later, and found a baby on the pillow beside her AND.... the father - also there - was also a policeman

I mean you know, two episodes of bad luck in one life



If pigs could walk upright...

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O K If You're Rich

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