postman pat

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redhead23 | 18:21 Fri 15th Jun 2007 | Body & Soul
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i think pat's a very lucky man


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Hello red, he ceratinly is if he puts things through your letter box. xx
yes...he is....

wears a uniform, many females find attractive......only works a trusted pet cat........he as a lovely bright red van......he really is a very lucky chap
i think that some people just like to see their user name on an internet site for no apparent reason so when they can't think of a stupid question to ask just make a stupid statement instead

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exactly what you have just done iggy , oh sorry , u just insult in everyones post such as devils u f u ck wit
i love having my name up in the lights of ab , u sad mong
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ray save me from these morons who just answer my questions i want a reaction iggy come and lick me bitch
Think you might like this link red
And yipppppppeeeeeeeee going to wembly stadium tommorow night to see muse......
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cool cheers knobbs x
Hi red, ignore the moans, I think iggy must have the hump with someone, i am forever getting moaned at xx
hi ray hows you doing you happily sparking along still mate.
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iggs is a **** wit mate , no need to respond to people like that , im off out later ray what u up to lover >
Hi Knobby, yes still sparkying, never ending mate, hope you are good, have a great time tomorrow, red, have a great night out, meet a nice geezer, i am stopping in tonight and going out tomorrow, to old to go out two nights running. xx
think that red has not had a very nice day by the sounds of it has she ray.
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knobbs i had a great day mate im out on the **** in a min , people like iggy and lambert **** me off thats all im sick of sitting on the fence about it , i spoke to u and ray fine
laters im off down my local

join me
Postman Pat want a kick up the fooking @rse. I'm sick of my mail going missing...
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lol wizard , now now postmen do a great job , its tricky hard work i respect them and they are always friendly x
and what have i done to annoy you?

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postman pat

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