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mallyh | 11:52 Sun 29th Oct 2023 | Body & Soul
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found out why oh and i feel so rough we have covid ugh!!!!



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Oh no Mally, get better soon xx

Get well soon.  Friend of mine has just been given the all clear.

It gets everybody differently.

I didn't know I had it until I took a test because a relative had it!


Take care, be kind to yourself and eat healthy food , drink lots.

How do you know? 

If you've tested yourseves, don't let NJ know  :)

Why not ?

OG because NJ loses his sheet at people testing for COVID 

Question Author

Thanks for your wishes .we tested .mr mallyh gets free tester kits and 2 very strong lines appeared on both our test xx

Take good care of yourselves Mally and get well soon xx

brainiac easily beat me to it re NJ.  He'll no doubt turn up asking what you're on about and reading a (very long) riot act.

I hope you both get better soon. Have you had Covid previously?

I think I've got it despite testing negative twice. Otherwise it must be a cold that's lasted nearly three weeks.

Have you had the winter jabs?

Question Author

yes had all jabs x

That's not good Mally  ...a birthday gift you did not want!  Hope
you're not feeling too bad and that you both have a speedy recovery.xx

Question Author

and we haven't had it before ^^^^ x

ah well, the jabs probably don't stop people getting it, but they should make the symptoms more tolerable. But oh boy, I wish this "cold" of mine would go away.

Get well soon.

Get well soon, Mallyh & OH..

If you don't mind me asking, what is your symptoms? x

Question Author

runny nose ,cough, feeling weak and really cold diarrhea. otherwise great! x

Question Author

should have put a comma after really cold x


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