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Brother In Law Mass In Abdomen Kidney Failure Hdu All Very Sudden

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gordiescotland1 | 10:55 Sun 29th Oct 2023 | Body & Soul
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Hi there My brother in law 62 year old incredibly fit and healthy so it seems, goes to the gym twice a day no known health conditions at all went to the opticians yesterday for a routine eye check and they found a bleed at the back of the eye very near the retina. This concerned them and they wanted him seen at the local A&E straight away. My BIL was convinced they were making a fuss and there was nothing wrong. My sister drove him there and when he got there Triage checked his BP it was 240/130 several times it was like that. They decided he had to be put on a drip asap to bring it down. Doctor asked him if he had any history of HBP, here comes the horrendous answer. 5 years ago they moved into a different area so they had to register at new GP surgery when he had a health check at registering he was told his BP was very high and to come back within a week for a further check, guess what he never did. Well he has a mass on his abdomen doctor found this out while examining him and his kidneys are failing he has been put into HDU. Yesterday morning HD felt absolutely fine. No idea what this mass on the abdomen could be my sister asked consultant could it be a hernia as he lifts heavy weights, he said that is unlikely leaving her more worried. Any idea what this mass could be that would cause all those nightmare symptoms, I thought maybe an adrenal tumour or an abdominal aortic aneurysm 



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I'm sorry I have no idea but sincerely hope you get good news

Oh, such a high BP. He sounds quite ill. I would not even guess what the ' lump' is. 
keep us informed gordie. 

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Brother In Law Mass In Abdomen Kidney Failure Hdu All Very Sudden

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