Now That The Threat From Corona Virus Seems To Be Dwindling A New Virus...

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sandyRoe | 16:07 Sat 14th May 2022 | Body & Soul
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... looms.
Should we be worried by Monkey Pox? How contagious is it and how dangerous?


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Why would anyone consider 'monkey pox' an imminent threat?
Monkey Pox is not a new virus. It was first identified in the late 1950s. It is usually only spread by wild animals and person to person infection is rare. As with Covid, most people recover from it.
No, don't worry about it. Apparently quite difficult to catch and you are unlikely to come into contact with it.
very un

no you should NOT be worried about monkey pox - arent we looking at a 16th case?

not very - much MUCH less than small pox ( unrelated )

I am sure someone has died from it but not sure who or when
more closely related to cowpox
much more than you ever want to know here

2 isolated cases in London last week - unrelated seems odd ( someone is lying)
Covid hasn't gone. There are two new variants of concern on their way from Africa.
first human outbreak 1970

once case

//Covid hasn't gone.//

Covid will never go, Hoppy. In just the same way as the descendant viruses from all previous pandemics are still around, the virus we call Covid-19 will remain around in one form or another for decades.

What we mustn't do (and what had never been done prior to 2020) is to ever again take the measures that were taken when Covid 19 hit the streets. We now know that "locking down" doesn't work; closing businesses, schools and colleges doesn't work; imposing outrageous restrictions on civil liberties doesn't work. We must devise a plan that protects the most vulnerable, get vaccinated and get on.
....yes, quite a monkey puzzle...
Oh goody! I miss being paranoid.
Haha, nice one Naomi.
What surprised me about the reaction to Covid in general was that plainly it was deadly to many but not as virulent as some. Equally it was and is extremely infectious which actually meant that it was largely pointless trying to contain it in the way we did. That doesn’t mean I didn’t support lockdowns in theory but the test and trace and self isolation applied in the way it was was largely futile. We were obviously trying to catch water in a sieve
Hindsight is a wonderful thing, ich.
A pox upon your monkeys.
//Hindsight is a wonderful thing, ich.//

Indeed it is naomi. But governments were blessed with foresight. There had been ample numbers of outbreaks of respiratory viruses in the past, some more infectious and some more deadly than Covid 19. It was known from them that preventing their spread was impossible (as many nations which tried it over the past two years have found out). Quite why those lessons were not carried forward to 2020 is a mystery and one which needs to be answered because the world cannot afford to tackle any future pandemics in a similar way, ever again
Who cares? I know I don't.
NJ, //But governments were blessed with foresight. //

In fairness they didn't know what they were dealing with and therefore couldn't assume that this virus would follow any known pattern - and don't forget the forecast from science, which fortunately proved to be inaccurate, was absolutely horrendous. I didn't agree with all the measures they took and it's easy for the layman to sit back and criticise and to sagely wag what he thinks is a wiser finger - we've all done it - but I don't think anything was done that didn't have the well-being of the nation at heart.

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Now That The Threat From Corona Virus Seems To Be Dwindling A New Virus...

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