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jourdain2 | 21:19 Thu 12th May 2022 | Body & Soul
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This is a horribly sad and difficult time for me and many people I love.

My dear God-child (33) was found dead on Wednesday. He suffered from depressive attacks but had been on a high at the weekend and for some weeks had been very stable.
He had been born female, but after a long course of drugs was well into transitioning with the surgical route all planned. He had a lot of family and friends support.

I suppose the question is, is it suicide (which would break his mum and many of us) or another cause - the drugs? Aneurism (which his dad died of). Anyway - we have to wait for the Coroner.
His lovely, kind, supportive mum is in a state approaching Hell. Does anyone know how long we are likely to have to wait in this state, please?


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I am so very sorry for your loss and can only hope that you get an answer quickly.
Try and remember him when he was happy.

I found this on the net
//It varies. Inquests can be held a few weeks or a few years after the death. The main inquest hearing should normally take place within six months or as soon as possible after the death has been reported to the coroner. If the situation is complicated it can take longer.//
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Thank you, Redhelen. We are trying to. His poor mum (retired G.P.) says 'I am breathing'. I suppose it will get easier, but this time-lag is just horrible.
I can't offer any advice...I can only say sorry that you and his family find yourselves in such a desperately sad situation. Please accept my condolences.
I suspect whatever the cause the mother will struggle to come to terms.
Much much love x
It's unlikely to be a short wait. (Sorry). All courts have major backlogs at the moment, including coroners' courts. I've just taken a look at some random reports of coroners' inquests from this year, using my local newspaper (here in Suffolk) and the Sheffield Star as my reference points.

In Suffolk it looks like the time between a death and a coroner's inquest is currently around 7 to 9 months but in South Yorkshire it's often between 15 and 17 months.
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Thank you all. That's even worse than I expected, Buen. This will be Nottinghamshire.
sorry to hear about your distress. WHen my daughter died it was 20+ months from her death until the inquest and another 3 weeks after that till we had the written verdict. During that time several post mortems took place, plus lots of post mortem tests and investigation. I hope yours is shorter, and clealy it's different circumstances but bace yourself it'll be longer than anyone wants it to be
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Thank you bednobs et al. It's bad news, but at least I won't be jumping in suggesting and expecting any swift action. Forearmed etc..
you will hear about the likely cause of death sooner than that though probably, if the PM shows it up and doesnt need more investigating
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Thanks, I really hope so.
I've just looked at a couple of recent reports in the Nottingham Post, Jourdain2. They suggest that things in Nottingham aren't quite as bad as they are in Sheffield. The typical waiting period currently seems to be around 10 or 11 months.
I am not sure that I understand.

A post mortem and the results should be available within a week or 2 weeks maximum, providing it is straight forward.

If for any reason it is referred to the Coroner, then it may take longer.

Have I got the facts correct?
On Sunday, the New York Times ran a feature about soaring mental illness in American teenagers. Between 2007 and 2018, suicide rates among people aged ten to 24 rose by 60 per cent. Between 2015 and 2019, prescriptions for antidepressants for teenagers rose 38 per cent. Between 2009 and 2019, emergency room visits for self-inflicted injuries among people aged ten to 19 doubled for both sexes; for girls, they more than doubled.
Sorry for your loss jourdain, but seemingly it isn't an isolated incident; something is going on & I think there may be some clues about this tragedy in your OP.
I'm so sorry for your loss take care of yourself.
Very sorry for your loss
// Inquests can be held a few weeks or a few years after the death. // RedHelen is correct. Weeks is the norm and years is special ( Diana, Arena)
The coroner will do a post-mortem and then can issue a TM1 - not a death certificate but it records fact of death so you can wind up the estate
The coroner is bound by the Coroners' Act 1988, and has to issue a death certificate after 6 mo. Yes they are that slow.
He will decide alone whether to hold an inquest.
it can be prolonged

Whoever in the family is 'in charge' should liaise with the Coroner's Officer who is usually ex police and can answer basic question. They can't answer questions like - what does the coroner think, will he hold an inquest, and when.

Troubled times ahead
my condolences
// Have I got the facts correct?//
New Act ( 1988 act replaces 1888 - the one you sqad practised under for yonx) - replacing many of their own ancient powers with the strike of the pen of the man at the Home Office
AND the effect I regret of Dr Shipman

so it is now much much slower because they dont want to get dinged as missing another Shipman.

Khandro stats are relevant to America not here

If drugs are present - possibly here - the coroner MAY worry about "are they prescribed", "where did he get them" and all that lardy dah.

by and large a slow ponderous not very useful process. Remember it is there to answer - who is he, when did he die, what did he die from....
// He will decide alone whether to hold an inquest.//
or issue a final Death certificate.

but due to the delays the new system caused, the cert of the fact of death ( TM1) can do most thing

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I'm amazed at how helpful you all are with this. So much you've found out! It's better to know what a long haul we are in for and be prepared, but I do hope that cause of death at least can be established fairly quickly.
Mamya has heard this thread & we both offer our sincere condolences to you all X
I can’t offer advice, jourdain, just so sorry to hear your sad news. How awful for you all. Much love to you. X

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