Flu Jabs - Has Anyone Had One, But Had No 'Evidence' Whatsoever Of Having Had It?

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joko | 00:38 Wed 13th Oct 2021 | Body & Soul
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i mean, not feeling the needle go in - at all.
no dot of blood on the cotton wool,
no tiny red dot on my skin from where the needle went in
no bruise or even the tiniest bit soreness at the site,
& no feeling a bit fluey for a few hours.

Normally I get all that stuff.

its so weird it even made me wonder if the pharmacist that did it, didnt actually give me the jab at all, but what possible reason would she have to fake it?

has anyone else had a flu jab like that?

thanks :)


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Yes. My flu jags have never caused any ill effect, nor my two COVID jags nor my pneumonia jag.
Hmmmm, one flu over the cuckoo's post.
Yes, my MIL. Bizarrely she said exactly this to me yesterday - she had hers and if it wasn’t for the fact that she was actually watching the whole time, she wouldn’t have even known she’d had a jab at all.
Most of my flu jabs have been like that. I certainly have never felt fluey afterwards.
I actually had a sore arm for a couple of days after my 'flu jab, as did my wife; this was a first for both of us. As with the Covid jab, I'm more in favour of it being down to the person giving the jab than the contents of the jab.
Joke, yes had mine and it’s a myth that you feel fluey afterwards , it isn’t a ‘live’ vaccine so you’ve not been injected with the virus, it’s probably a coincidence that you felt that way but we’re at the start of the flu season now anyway
That is how it usually is for me when I have the flu jab. I must have a very good nurse :)
Mine was the opposite, had it yesterday, and felt like she was having a job getting it in. Very uncomfortable, feel a bit off today. My husband never usually has any side effects but is very achy today and feels unwell.
Yes - I rarely have any feelings of after effects from flu/covid jabs or blood test samples.
Done by someone who knows what they are doing
My first covid jab was like that. I couldn't believe it had been done as I wasn't looking but my hubby was and convinced me it was done.
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thanks all.

its not a myth bobbisox, i always feel off - a lot of people do, & its quite normal - the pharmacist herself mentioned it to me & said that its because my immune system is doing its job & focussing on building my immunity & said to take vit C etc & take a little extra care of myself for a few days.
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the covid jab was quite deep & actually hurt, so maybe the flu one doesnt need to be as deep.
i remember once having it years ago, & it seemed like most of dripped down my arm! she had to wipe it up afterwards, so it must have only been shallow :D
I had a very runny nose for about 3/4 days after mine, but no sneezing or coughing and didn't feel unwell.
Funnily enough, my other arm was more painful for some strange reason.
Both my Covid jabs were like that. Nothing to show or feel afterwards. Imminent bloodcthinners and the jabs have to go deeper. I thought that would mean more pain, but obviously not. I didn't feel the needle going at, but no!
I'm on blood thinners. Just check for predictive text errors!!

BUT a reaction after 24 h ( = quick for me) is v common.
We both are having the flu jab on Saturday. Silly times tho. He is 2.16 pm and I am 2.18 pm.
I always have a very sore arm for a couple of days: this time nothing :-) (well, slightly sore for a day)
Yes, that's my experience for flu and Covid jabs, I only know because I watch - mind you it could be water in the hypodermic ;-)

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Flu Jabs - Has Anyone Had One, But Had No 'Evidence' Whatsoever Of Having Had It?

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