Can You Take Too Much Vitamin B?

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Khandro | 07:59 Mon 20th Sep 2021 | Body & Soul
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sqad, perhaps: Since having my 'mini' stroke a month ago I have been prescribed & taking a daily cocktail of tablets including vitamin B1. I see the daily requirement (on the internet) as being 1.5 mg for an adult, the caps I've been taking daily are 100 mg., which if my maths are correct is getting on for 700% more than I need !
Can this be necessary & can one o.d. on it ?


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I’m on 200 mg per day. It’s fine.
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I think that should read 7,000 % in the OP

Cloverjo: is that 200mg vitamin B complex or Vitamin B1 only - which is what I'm taking
it's meaningless without knowing why you are [prescribed it - most probably a deficiency, in which case 100mg is treatment dose
Khandro, I’m taking just B1
If I'm not mistaken, the B vitamins are water soluble and excess is flushed out of the body
( you cant take too much of this vit)
I will assume that we are not talking about B12.

Yo can't "overdose" on it but you can have side effects, mainly gastrointestinal. If you idea of "overdose" is synonymous with side effects, then yes you can, but if they aren't, then no you can't overdose on VitB.

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Can You Take Too Much Vitamin B?

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