Replacement Knee

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jennyjoan | 18:37 Sun 19th Sep 2021 | Body & Soul
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How much. Above would cost private


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Best to contact some of the private hospitals and ask.
Please note, this is not an advert but it gives a very rough guide as to price.

Each case may vary.
12274 on the Lisburn road
I know someone just now just had it done in Aberdeen just over £12,000
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sorry for late reply but thanks for answers.
Our local Nuffield hospital gives a guide price of £15,765:
(That's nearly as painful as the knee!)
is it not done on the NHS round your way?
^^^ It's done on the NHS, Jno, but 69% of orthopaedic surgery patients in Belfast have to wait over a year for their operations

Quote (from the Royal College of Surgeons, relating to surgery delays in Northern Ireland):
"Waiting times for orthopaedics are especially bad and, in some areas, urgent cases can take between 1.5 years (80 weeks) and nearly 5 years (255 weeks) for treatment"
Have you tried anything to make the pain easier for you until you can get it sorted out on the NHS ? I have been referred by my doctor for a new knee. ( waiting list on NHS crazy) so I done loads of research and am now three weeks into pain free, the first step is that I had a cortizone jab into the knee , two weeks later I had a jab of Ostenil Plus into my knee at my local private health centre, the cortisone helped very much in taking swelling down and easing pain, Ostenil Plus jab takes two weeks to kick in so early days for that still, Worth reading up on. My cortizone jab was £195 and Ostenil £295. I intend to keep my knee as long as possible so if this becomes a yearly thing then so be it. £10 per week to be pain free a small price to pay compared to £15t for a new knee which let's face it does not come with a guarantee that it won't hurt or need replacing again in the future. Hope this helps.
a lady I know had hers done privately in India - much cheaper.
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sorry the post was about sister's friend - the lad is in a lot of pain. I'm a geg/laugh - the lad is 69 years old.
kjn - all very well if the jab lasts you a year, but what if it only lasts you six weeks?

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Replacement Knee

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