Does The Vaccine Affect Periods?

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roadman | 09:41 Mon 20th Sep 2021 | Body & Soul
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does the pfizer vaccine affect period


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Yes it probably does.
My first reaction was 'no' but I googled the problem and it looks like there are many studies about this topic.

It must be a sexist vaccine?

roadman - thanks for posting your question, it is not something that I ever considered.

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I ask because someone i know said that their periods have been more painful after the vaccine i said well at least not as painful as passing covid onto old or ill family members
is or should be investigated

and boys and more likely gurlz
no one has looked prospectively at a cohort of vaccinated women - (actually you need a control group)

Might cost a bit
All the information is not controlled ( unscientific )
and is therefore subject to recall and confirmation bias

( recall is where if asked about pop groups the majority is in the last five years, which are the ones you recall
Confirmation bias is every is doing it ( here saying yes))
I'm pleased to see this question highlighted.

My 35 yr old Granddaughter mentioned last week she hasn't had a period since her Covid jabs earlier in the year.
I'd not heard about it til she told me.

Have just been reading an article on Flipboard Briefing about this. It seems about 30,000 women have reported problems with their periods after the vaccine. There is some research going on about it, looks like the problems do right themselves in time. Despite some on here saying its easy, I have no idea how to do a link, sorry

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Does The Vaccine Affect Periods?

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